Monday, 15 June 2015

UPDATE: Isle Of Skye Week 1

A note from Joelle... 
Hello, lovely people!
Apologies for being MIA for a while.
I am on a dissertation mapping project for my Geology degree in Skye and only get wifi and signal for 30 mins every day -______-.
Mapping mainly involves walking up steep mountains/ cliffs/hills, whilst being bitten by midges and being chased by cows (three things have happened to me almost every day this week!).
Anyway, my first week has been really interesting and eventful and here are a few things that have happened: 
Crashed a wedding - yup, no lie or exaggeration. At my first outcrop on my first day, a young American couple were actually getting hitched under the cliff! It was a bit awkward being one of the only witnesses, but I couldn't just go up to the cliff and whip out my geology equipment. So waited patiently (for an hour) until they were wed. 
Seeing them exchange rings and kiss was the cutest thing! I didn't have any confetti for them, but I did wish them the very best.
Oh, and her dress was vintage and really nice - she didn't evening it dragging along the seaweed! 
Held ducklings - four fluffy bundles of joy were born earlier in the day when this photo was taken. They are so chirpy and sweet! Now they are out of the incubator and her swimming on the pond with their mother.
Chased by cows - I don't know why cow up here love me so much! I can't just peacefully walk past them without them all chasing after me and surrounding me.
No joke, the cows on Skye give zero fucks about anything. They will risk their own lives on the road when cars are flying around the bends and won't even move out of the way!

Peed in the field a lot - yeah, I don't need to explain this one!! Just pulling down my trousers and peeing anywhere comes so naturally me now........
 Pushed a stuck car - on the first day (a few minutes before the wedding crashing) I helped to push an elderly couple's car back onto the road. It had skidded into the side of a steep hill and they really needed help. After a few minutes., they were back on the road and I felt really good.
See a bus and can crash in front of me - this was a weird one. Basically I was looking at an outcrop on the side of the road and a bus and a van coming in the other direction both collided in front of me when they both turned to see what I was doing.
They were both fine.
I FOUND SOME FOSSILS - this was the first time in my 21 years of existence that I actually found some mould fossils on the beach!! I was actually sitting on a rock having lunch and then saw some whole belemnite when I got up!

Gone Veggie - I am proud to announce that I have been meat-free for over a week! It feels pretty good actually and I really want to keep it up for the next 6 weeks. Do you think I'll stick to it? 
On a sadder note, today, I saw a lamb really injure itself on a piece of slippery basalt. It broke its neck and cried out for help, but none of the other sheep seemed bothered. 
So I lifted it out of the water (I knew the tide would be coming in in a few hours), gave it some fresh water from my bottle and honestly thought it would hop back up and carry on.
Because it's a Sunday, there was no one around to help, so I just started singing to it as it drank my water. But sadly, it died soon after.

Anyway, I hope next week involves less lambs dying, cows and car crashes. But I happily welcome more fossil finds and spontaneous weddings!

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How was your week? Tell me all about it! :)
Until, next week!


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