Friday, 24 July 2015

Skye's The Limit: Photo Diary

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪ 'Wings' - Birdy (acoustic) ♫♪

Today was the 48th day in the Isle of Skye and also my last day here before I pack up my things and head home for summer.
I was here to carry out about 40 days of independent geological mapping here for my dissertation, in case you were wondering.
It's been a whirlwind of seven weeks, with many highs, a few lows and so many friends made along the way!
On some days, I danced with glee on top of cliffs and on other days, I wept on the beaches (yup, that actually happened!).
I held some newborn ducklings and held a lamb as it died :(.
All I know now is that this trip has taught me a lot about friendship, adventure, hard work, curiosity and self-discovery.
As we crossed the bridge from the mainland to Skye 7 weeks ago, I told my friend Eimhear that we would not return as the same people. And I think I was right!
We are much better/stronger/smarter people and it's been a pleasure to share this trip with her!

Anyway, that's enough from me! Here are some pictures of Skye that I took with my trusty iPhone - Enjoy!
 Sunset over Blaven
 The famous sandstone"honeycomb" weathering in Elgol
 I found a HUGE belemnite (ancient squid) fossil on the beach!
 If you've been to Skye, you'll know about its horizontal rain!
 The Drinan Jurassic coast is packed with these cute cavities
Skye Cows give zero fucks about you
 This one hated my guts! Look at the shade she's throwing me! #DemonCow
 I wasn't joking - they just don't care!
I found this cute holiday cottage in Elgol
 I treated my mapping pals to my special Eton Mess
 Mapping here wasn't so bad!
 Not a bad view, eh?
I hoped you like looking at my pictures from Skye. It's been an incredible trip!


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