Monday, 24 August 2015


A note from Joelle... 

♫♪'No Matter What' - Boyzone ♫♪

"No matter what they tell you.
No matter what they do.
No matter what they teach you.
What you believe is true..."
Let me take you back to 1998.
My mum had recorded Andrew Lloyd Webber's 50th Birthday concert and I watched it religiously.
I loved Boyzone at the time and their performance of 'No Matter What' from the musical: Whistle Down The Wind really resonated with me.
It wasn't only Stephen Gately's angelic voice, but Time Rice's incredible lyrics.
Even at the tender age of 4, I knew the lyrics were going to stick in my mind for a while.

Fast-forward to almost 20 years later...
I forgot.
I forgot something I never thought I would forget.
It wasn't the lyrics, a person, an object or a place.
It was a feeling.
The feeling of not caring what anyone else thought and just goofing around.
The feeling of going barefoot in a forest and feeling the crunchy leaves under my feet.
Feeling the smooth bark of a fallen oak tree as I danced upon it - as if trying to revive it through dodgy pirouettes.
How is it possible to forget something that once came so naturally to me?
As kids, we had no limits.
If there was a tree near us, we would challenge ourselves (or our braver mates) to climb it.
And if we fell over, we'd cry, throw a stop and try again!
Wasn't life so much easier back then?
The only people watching us were our parents. But then again, watching over us was not the same as looking down on us.
They were looking out for us, ready to idiomatically wrap us in cotton wool when things went wrong.
We were still ourselves, not swayed by what others were doing and/or saying.
We were weird and just didn't care!

My definition of an "Earthling" is someone who enjoys being their silly self even though people are watching. They see people watching and do it anyway.
They hear the laughs and see the side-eyes, but do it anyway.
They are too happy being their awesome selves to care!
 Earthlings see the world with their eyes first and camera lense second. 
They don't need to upload of themselves daily to prove to people they used to know that they're still alive.
It might sound like I'm stating the obvious, but these qualities are rather rare these days.
But they are making a comeback in a big way.

It's time to go back to that.
It's time to look up from that phone, put it down for a bit and fully appreciate our surroundings before and after Snapchatting the shit out of it.
Yes, we may dislike our lives and the way it's turned out, but sometimes stopping and looking at your surroundings puts things into perspective.
When I looked up, I saw this...
All that beautiful blue, white and green towering over me.
All that nature being there had nothing to do with me, but my life has everything to do with it!

I've stopped looking at things through a lense before looking at them with my own, fully-working, brown eyes.
My blog posts have become less frequent, and I'm not sorry about that.

I've taken time to reconnect with friends I almost drifted away from and it's been awesome.

In a way, my absence has generated this new freedom that everyone should experience. 
I've learned to appreciate offline things more and have realised that there's nothing wrong with being a goofy Earthling!



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