Monday, 21 September 2015

#WeAreReady For Autumn With Boohoo

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪ Castles In The Sky - Ian Van Dahl ♫♪

Why, hello there! 
Long time, no blog, right?
A large chunk of my dissertation was due this week, so I spent the last few months slaving away and being the most antisocial person ever! 
But hopefully all the long hours, sweat (eww), tears and papercuts are going to be worth it.
So yeah, I'm back and raring to get back into the swing of weekly blogging!
#WeAreReady For Autumn With Boohoo Febgirl
It's finally Autumn - WOOHOO! This is my favourite season because I love the seasonal comfort food (apple crumble, anyone?), the colour of the falling leaves... and of course, the fashion!
I really love the look of this Soft Knit Midi Dress from Boohoo, so I styled it up two ways:
#WeAreReady For Autumn With Boohoo febgirl
The dress on its own is so cute! I feel like a big, soft snowball! It's a soft white that keeps its colour after washes and makes me feel really cosy and ready to tackle the cold Aberdeen winds!
#WeAreReady For Autumn With Boohoo febgirl
The material is incredibly soft, which is great because I'm really fussy about wools that are itchy and uncomfortable. This one is perfect, even after a few washes.

I then turned it into a top and tucked it into a leather skirt.
#WeAreReady For Autumn With Boohoo febgirl
Dress  - Boohoo*
Skirt - New Look
Necklace - New Look
Boots - ASOS
#WeAreReady For Autumn With Boohoo Febgirl
How are you finding Autumn/Fall so far? Are you ready for spiced lattes, cosy knits and festivities?


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