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The 'Deen Scene: Ardoe House Hotel - Part 1

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As someone who was born and bred in the South East of England, I never thought I'd ever consider the North East of Scotland to be an incredible, vibrant place to be. But, when I moved here 4 years ago, I started 'The 'Deen Scene' to show everyone how amazing Aberdeen is! 
The newest entry to the 'Deen Scene' series is Ardoe House Hotel.
I came here for the first time last Spring when I attended my uni's Geology Ball. However, I never got to appreciate the true beauty of the place until now!
My flatmate, Claire and I were invited by Ardoe House Hotel And Spa to spend a weekend
Claire and I had both handed in large chunks of our dissertations just days before we set off, so this felt like a great time to chill out and unwind.

The Hotel

The 4 * hotel itself is a stunning 19th Century granite (sorry, I'm a Geologist) mansion surrounded by 30 acres of plush plush greenery. It's about 20 minutes outside of Aberdeen City, which means city escapes to Ardoe are so easy!

The Spa

On our final day, we headed to the gym to get a workout done. This lasted precisely 46 minutes.
Moving swiftly on, we got the chance to use the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and pool-side loungers while we waited for our spa appointments. Just chilling out for a few hours was a great experience, but nothing prepared me for my first ever hot stone massage!
It was incredible! 

Many thanks so Ros, the masseuse who gave me a lovely hot stone massage and talked me through the procedure and aftercare. 
Robes on point

This trip has made me appreciate how beautiful Aberdeen is and that it's not just the city that's buzzing, but the countryside too.
Staycations only a few miles out of your city can be just a lovely as traveling abroad. In fact, they can be much less stressful and can still make your pals green with envy!
If you're in the UK, I really recommend coming up to Ardoe House Hotel for a few days of excellent food, friendly staff and joy all round!
If you're not from the UK, everything above still applies!
In all honesty, this is the place to go for a few days of total zen.

We encountered people from all walks of life, young and mature enjoying everything Ardoe House had to offer, and that's a pretty rare thing to find these days!

I wanted this post to be balanced - full of positives and a list of things that could have made the hotel experience better. But in all honesty, I can't think of many drawbacks! 
The only thing I'd advise you to do is book your spa treatments days in advance. It's a very popular part of the hotel and gets booked up really quickly!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Part 2 is coming up shortly. The food needs it's own special post, trust me!

Have you ever had a staycation or a spa break? Where did you go and what was it like?


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