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A note from Joelle... 
'CTRL' by Joelle A. Owusu
computer, laptop, and programming image
I like the way the school bell
Rings without a chime.
Like me, it does its own thing.
I choose to talk in rhyme.
The hallways are so busy,
But white noise is my friend.
It shields me from their callous larks.
On it I can depend.
Like shadows, I’m here, but not really.
I doubt you'll know my name.
But like shadows, I’m with you forever.
Do you like your unknown fame?
The name’s Jay, in case you wondered.
I could be a girl or boy.
I’ve got things to do, so i'll leave that you you,
While I work on my next ploy.
Indoors, they say I’m “nice”.
Vanilla, plain and beige.
Outdoors, I’m rather different,
When I'm let out of my cage.
So in a way, it’s your own fault.
You made me who I am.
Side-eyes, rolled-eyes and sniggers.
Your sacrificial lamb.
I was synonymous with anonymous.
A big mouth without a voice.
But you know of me now, don’t you?
You didn’t have a choice.
It’s scary that a smile can hide
The little remorse you showed.
You did your best to phase me out.
Now, I’ll break you with my code.
You won’t believe my savvy skills
with the “DEL”, “PRTSC” and “ALT”.
I could leak all of your stupid files
And you’d think it’s your fault.
My code took me a lifetime.
In my world, that’s a week.
It took so long, but I’m virtually strong.
Your stuff I’m gonna leak.
Holy shit, this is a goldmine!
I now CTRL your world.
I try to forget that I bet you regret
Verbal venom that you hurled.
My finger is on the ENTER,
Eyes glued upon the screen.
Are you ready for the world to swallow you whole?
I don’t care that you’re fifteen.
Daddy X can’t block my sly attacks
With mystic walls of fire.
It’s cute that he cares, but I’ll leak if he dares.
Surely this fame is what you desire?
In my head, this makes perfect sense.
Are you scared of the dark?
‘Cause you did your best to shut me out.
But you'll never put out my spark.
You tried to take me under.
Bury and make me bleed.
But you forgot one special thing:
You can’t, ‘cause I’m a seed.
Seeds are small and live in dirt.
Damp and sunlight makes them grow.
I guess you can say that I’m drowning in rays
And I’m aiding friend and foe.
I may have changed my CAPS LOCK mind.
Can monsters have a heart?
I don’t know, but I know this has to END.
It’s time for an F5 start.
I had the power to end you,
But like you said, I’m “nice”.
I’ve let you ESC this time around,
But please take my advice:
I had to learn the hard way that
You can’t BACKSPACE in life.
To NUM the pain, just SHIFT the blame.
Don’t let your F8 run a-rife. 


Thanks for reading! I'd love to know what your thoughts are towards this piece. 
See you next week for another Poetry Corner session! :)



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