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Christmas Party Prep with BlanX Original Range

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It's been a ages since I've done a review, so today I bring you Blanx - a whitening toothpaste.
I've dabbled a bit in teeth whitening before, but even though I saw results, my sensitive teeth reacted badly to the harsh chemicals. So this time, I'm interested to see how Blanx works as a non-abrasive whitening toothpaste.

What is Blanx?
This 'Classic White' toothpaste claims to "clean, protect and whiten teeth", so I used it daily for four weeks to not only put those claims to the test, but to also see how many shades whiter my teeth got.

Cleaning method
It's not a gel, but a thick, smooth paste. I used a pea-sized amount twice a day and let it do it's thing.
To be perfectly honest with you, I didn't expect to see a different on the first day. That was a nice surprise!
My teeth are quite sensitive, but this didn't cause any pain throughout the whole trial, so that's was another nice surprise.

Blanx uses lichen extract grown in the Arctic - now, as a scientist, I tend to research into these claims that some beauty/dental companies use to attract customers.
A lot of the time, it's nonsense and they just use a complex scientific/Latin-sounding "formula"  that will make people think "ooo, it sounds sciency, so it must work!".
Interestingly enough, my flatmate studied lichen over the summer as part of her degree, so I asked her about their relevance and whether the use of algae extract can help our oral hygiene. She had never heard of that before.
So I looked elsewhere and found the specific lichen used in this toothpaste: cetraria islandica (aka Iceland moss), has been known to help fight gum disease.

Probably the best around. Sleek, white and clear is so effective and stands out really well.
Another good thing is that the tube itself stronger. That means that even when you finish the toothpaste, the tube doesn't go all thin and weird-looking.

Does it work?
It definitely restored my teeth to its natural whiteness"AND (with an electric brush) helped to get rid of tricky plaque. My entire mouth felt fresh and polished after every brush and I did notice that my the light stains on my teeth had been reduced.
To be honest, I'm still not too sure what this lichen thing is about, but if it's been scientifically proven to help with oral hygiene, then who am I to diss it?
It's easy to think that those dodgy gels and UV kits are the way to go with teeth whitening, but I dare you to consider a more gentle, natural solution like Blanx.
UV light teeth whiteners may make your teeth technically whiter, but excessive use can really damage them - especially sensitive teeth.
So Blanx is a great alternative.

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What are your thoughts on Blanx or teeth whitening in general? Let me know below!


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