Friday, 11 December 2015

Lover of the Light

A note from Joelle... 
There's a light in the distance and it's flame's fading fast.
Its friendly warm flicker we all know can't last.
Should I leave all I know, like my heart tells me to?
Or trust my head and come home to you?

It's not easy, you know. What if this is fate?
This glow is so close, but I know it won't wait
For me, it glimmers, a sight for sore eyes.
Within its heat I know my soul truly lies.

I turn my head and refuse to look back.
Faint laughs, as I notice the remorse that I lack.
Steps turn into sprints and I chase down the spark.
I stride towards the light, and let go of the dark.

My heart burns like kindling,
engulfed by the fire.
The flames dance like folk men,
and my flesh, the choir.

It burns, yet I'm dancing.
The fire is my friend.
The more it consumes me,
on it, I depend.

I'm Queen of the Light,
but need no crown.
For my glow shines like rubies
and lights the whole town.

So do what feels right,
 don't just stare at the view.
For there's a light in the distance
And it's waiting for you.



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