Thursday, 25 February 2016

The 'Deen Scene: CUE Barbecue, Aberdeen

A note from Joelle... 
Carnivores of the North-East, listen up! A new place has opened in the Granite City and it's waiting for you to check it out.
Introducing CUE BBQ, just off of Union Street, Aberdeen.

We were welcomed to CUE with an array of fruity cocktails and warm smiles from the staff. 

Along with the pulled pork, ribs, black pudding, fried chicken, etc was a colour section of slaws and cornbread, which I was desperate to try for the first time.
 Everything is served on rustic BBQ platters, just like they do in the Southern states. I also like how they've incorporated Scottish delicacies like black pudding into the menu. It went down a treat with us!
 Golden rings of absolute perfection.
This is Scott, co-founder of Angus & Oink sauces (which are on the tables and taste dlicious!!!). He told us a bit more about how the restaurant came into being and the inspirations behind it. In a joint venture with his family and friends, Scott wanted to bring some Texan soul food flavour back to Aberdeen after a USA road trip.
The restaurant opened earlier this month and is already packed with people eager to taste the food.
Funnily enough, a family who sat near us proclaimed that it was their THIRD time back this week! No one can blame them!
After another round of  fizzy cocktails, it was time to head home and gush to my friends about the amazing food I'd just eaten and the warm experience I can
CUE is about to shake up the family dining experience for the better and it couldn't have come at a better time.
And let's not forget the puddings on offer...
Even though it's an American classic, I can't stand key lime pie/cheesecake, so I helped myself to the loooooovely pecan pie and icecream instead.

Herbivores, do not despair! The restaurant caters for your veggie needs too with delicious curries, slaws, rice and chillies.
As soon as you step foot in the joint (#meatpun...) until you leave adjusting your belt, you can see, hear and taste the passion and hard work that went into making CUE a reality. And it's businesses like this that are destined to thrive up here.

Many thanks for Julia and the CUE team for having us!
stolen from Laura ;)
1 Alford Lane
AB10 1NT
Tel: 01224 589 109


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