Thursday, 4 February 2016

THEATRE: Sunny Afternoon

A note from Joelle... 
Using my Stubhub vouchers, I finally managed to get a good pair of tickets to the hottest musical in the West End. 
Even though I had seen some 5 star reviews and theatre awards news floating about, I really underestimated the popularity of this show. All I know was that it told the story of The Kinks and had some good songs in it.

Back in the day (aka 2011-2012), The Kinks' music really got me through my A Levels. I loved the guitar riffs that were so raw and unpolished. One minute I was head-banging to "You Really Got Me", and the next, I was swaying along and daydreaming to "Waterloo Sunset".
With that said, I didn't bother to look into their history as one of the biggest bands during the "British Invasion" of rock bands in America. Their story isn't as well-know as, say, the Beach Boys or The Beatles, so I think that's why this musical has done so well - it's fresh!
I go to the theatre a lot, and one thing I'm not a big fan of is biographical musicals. You know, a rise and fall true story about a musician or actor. It's just so hard to get right and I feel more effort is put on trying the find the perfect look-alike lead actor instead of the best performer.

But Sunny Afternoon is different, thank God.
You feel like you've let go of your 2016 life and have been transported to the carefree Sixties were everything was an experiment - music, lifestyle... haircuts... 

The Kinks were working class Cockney boys who strived to remain as real as possible, even when fame kicked in. They fought hard and stuck their middle fingers up to the posh, wealthy industry people people who tried change them and make them more marketable for the more cookie-cutter American audience.
They loved each other and hated each other at the same time, and along with personal issues, writer's block and censorship and heavy competition, the band go through some challenging times that not all of them can handle.
It was refreshing to learn about about who were all about their unique music and lyrics, even if that meant not getting as popular as they should have been. They were proud of their roots and put up a strong fight against anyone who tried to change them.
A lot of today's artists need to take a leaf out of their book and stick up for what they want more.

The two lead actors, John and George who play Ray and Dave Davies both won an Olivier Award for their performances last year and it was really well-deserved.
Every character has their own talent and special trait that the entertains the audience

5/5 from me and it really deserves that rating.
The standing ovation went on for about 10 minutes, no joke and I was the first on my feet, cheering like a lunatic and dancing along (annoying all some of the elderly folk around me).

It's a stylish, vibrant and fun show that cannot be missed.

Even if you know nothing about The Kinks and aren't familiar with their music, I recommend you take a chance and go see it before it's too late! And to be honest, their songs are so well-known that you'll be probably get chills as soon as you recognise the famous guitar riffs!




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