Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The 'Deen Scene: Cocktail Masterclass at Revolution Bar

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Hi guys! I hope you are all well. Spring has finally sprung and I'm so happy to finally shake off the winter blues.
Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited down to Revolution Bar on Aberdeen's Belmont Street for a cocktail masterclass and a taster of their new Spring menu.
Now, if you're a student, you'll know Revolution Bar (aka Vodka Revs) all too well. I'm actually in my local one quite a lot, sipping on Rum Bongo pitchers and 

Sadly I managed to smash my camera into a million pieces a few weeks ago, so have to rely on iphone picture quality until I get a new one (which will be in the Summer!), so apologies for the blurriness.
I have borrowed some photos from 
Image by Iga Berry

Iga and Katherine picking their cocktails
 Barman Connor sharing his impressive cocktail knowledge
 Anastasia with her Starbuck frappe-style cocktail
Chantel adding the finishing touches to her cocktail

A perfect Rum Bongo consists of:
 37.5ml Bacardi Superior rum
25ml Teichenné Coconut schnapps
12.5ml grenadine
12.5ml passion fruit purée
Pineapple juice to top
Ice cubes
image by Amey
Julia giving a cocktail shake a go
Amey's delicious-looking cherry woo woo
 Denise with her berry mocktail


It was lovely to catch up with old faces and chat with bloggers I had not got the chance to meet yet. The community is really thriving up here in the Granite City and it's fab! 

Revolution Bar offers lots of cocktail masterclasses like this and not only are the drink lovely, it's the friendly and helpful bar staff that really make it special.

Join me in a few days for part II, where It'll be all about the exciting new Spring lunch menu on newly refurbished Revolution terrace. You'll be as surprised as I was at what's on offer!



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