Monday, 7 March 2016

House Network Home Styling #HNHomeStyling

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪'Home' - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ♫♪

It's time to scatter your house with flowers and open those curtains because... It's SPRING! 
Even though it's currently snowing here in Aberdeen, I'm just happy that the sunlight peeking through my window wakes me up instead of my annoying alarm!

At university, I think that it's really important to spend time decorating your new flat/house/bedroom to fit your style. I didn't do this in my first few years and I feel like it added to the homesickness.
But in third and fourth year, I decided to spruce up my surroundings with things from home and new posters/cushions/books that made me feel more comfortable. This really makes me love to come and chill at home because the flat no longer resembles a standard uni house, but my home away from home!

The lovely people at the House Network were generous enough to send me a wee home styling kit, filled with some of my favourite things:

Scented candles
Vintage storage boxes
Flower bouquet
Coffee table books
House Network Home Styling #HNHomeStyling
Anyone who knows me is well aware of my scented candle obsession. I love lighting two or three at a time and allowing them to fill the air with cosy scents.
These new candles from the kit have taken pride on my bedroom window sill and are creating the most beautiful still flames!
House Network Home Styling #HNHomeStyling
Inside these vintage-style boxes are my flute music manuscripts, notepads and, yup... even more scented candles! I'm a massive book worm at the moment, so I thought I'd move my current reads off the boring shelve and only the floor. It seems quite random to put them there, but it just works! Plus it's easy to reach from my bed!
House Network Home Styling #HNHomeStyling
 Faux flowers used to have a reputation for being a bit tacky, but I really like them. They don't wilt, shed or die, and therefore last a lifetime. These faux spring roses have centre centre stage of my little kitchen table.
House Network Home Styling #HNHomeStyling
Coffee table books may seem pointless to some, but I just love them. have put these new new books (which are both amazing, but the way!) on the blankets that I keep on one of my bed-side tables. When I can't sleep or want to read something light, I'll pick these up!

From this campaign, I learned that home styling isn't just for rich celebs with too much time on their hands. It's about taking maybe an hour or so every season to spruce up your abode and taking pride in it, no matter how big or small it is.This quirky home styling kit has already made a difference to my house and ultimately my mood. 
I'm a wee bit happier coming home to a place filled with quirky things that are very 'me'.

Are you into home styling? How would you go about it?


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