Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Here Comes The Sun x Millets

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪ 'Here Comes the Sun' - The Beatles ♫♪

The weather up here has been... interesting, to say the least.
One minute, I'm reaching for my sunglasses because it's too bright and the next day, I'm fighting the snow with my broken umbrella. WEATHER: MAKE YOUR MIND UP, LOVE!

Nonetheless, I'm out and about every morning, trying to get my shit together and this has resulted in me wearing active gear all day-long.
That's right, folks! I've become "that guy" who comes to uni in gym gear and heavy rucksacks and sometimes... walking boots. Bloody hell, I'm really fitting the Geology student stereotype, aren't I?
If you know me well, you'll know that I overdress for any and every occasion - "casual wear" and outdoor gear wasn't really something I got into until I started going to Geology/Geography field trips (e.g. I had to wear waterproof trousers and walking boots every day for over 50 days last summer!)
Millets Berghaus Colisto 3-in-1 jacket *

This new coat from Millets has really helped me out over the past few months. Not only is it black, so it goes with pretty much everything, it's also got a built in (detachable) fleece. So I don't have to wear loads 
Even though there's a fleece inside, the jacket is as light as a feather, so when it gets warmer in the daytime, I have just roll it up and pop it in my bag.
You can't do that with many outdoor jackets, I can tell you that!

If you live somewhere chilly or are outdoors quite a lot, then this jacket is for you.
Better yet, check out Millets to see all their outdoor gear! There's bound to be something you like.


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