Monday, 28 March 2016

Twist 'n' Shout

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪ 'Twist and Shout' - The Beatles ♫♪

Yoohoo! Me again.
This is just a little outfit post and update.
Brogues - Clarks

Scarf - Primark
Turtleneck - Matalan

Firstly, if you've read my friendship post and have commented, texted, tweeted, emailed, snapped or dmed me about it, then thank you! Your support and opinion means a lot to me. Because it was such a recent issue, I wasn't going to post it, but I realised that I'm not afraid of anything or anyone and this it could really help people in similar situations. So thank you for encouraging me to click "publish".

Basically, I'm going a bit nuts with all this uni work and to make things worse, I have broken my iPhone, laptop and completely destroyed my Samsung NX1000 camera.
It's funny that I've taken it all over the world - on slippery coasts, up volcanoes and mountain and then it smashes on my bedroom carpet........
What the actual fuck?

With that all said, I have a lot to be thankful for!
The sun is finally shining and I'm not wasting all my money on Dominos Winter Survival deals every week.
I am also adding the finishing touches to my first ever poetry chapbook, which is pretty exciting. I cannot wait to share it  with you, if poetry's your thing. Even if it's not, you might still like it!
Queen of the 'Carlton Dance'

I really don't know what I'm so happy about, I'm up to my (imaginary) balls in uni coursework and am contemplating dropping out three months before graduation to become a rapper's hype-man.

Anyway, there's a wee update on my life right now.
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