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Noodle Time - #WagamamaRAMEN

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I really like noodles, especially noodle soup.
We we were younger, my mother used to whip up chicken noodle soup and I'd go for second and even THIRD helpings when I could.
After spending some time in China, I finally learnt how to use chopsticks! So gone are the days where I had to sheepishly ask for a knife and fork... I got this!

Wagamama have been perfecting the art of the Ramen dish for over 20 years now, and as a noodle fan, I went along to try some out with some vouchers. 

Chicken Ramen 
(Noodles in a chicken soup topped with grilled chicken breast and seasonal greens.)
This was my first proper ramen dish and it was really nice. The portion sizes are very generous and the chicken slices and chunky and well-cooked. In such a popular and busy restaurant, it's easy to expect the portions and presentation to be dingy and a bit sloppy, but they really did deliver.
What I also like is that there's lots of flavour, however, you can customise the dish with soy sauce, chili oil/powder to suit your personal taste on the table.

Wagamama Ramen 
(grilled chicken, BBQ pork, prawns, chikuwa and mussels in a miso, ginger and chicken noodle soup. Topped with half a tea-stained egg, menma and spring onions.)

   My favourite by far!
 Just look at it - there's just so much going on and it all really works.
I was actually a bit sad when I finished it, even using a silver spoon so slurp up the last bit of soup!
It's really filling, but you don't get that awkward bloating afterwards, which is a plus. Also, you'd think that with so many ingredients, ramen would be unhealthy... but no! You can check the calorie content and check out the nutrition of each dish online. You'll be as surprised as I was!

Pork Ramen 
(BBQ pork in a miso, ginger and chicken noodle broth. Topped with seasonal greens, wakame and a tea-stained egg.) 
How they managed to keep the pork pieces in the soup crispy, I'll never know!
I forgot to ask for mine without fresh coriander (aka the devil's herb) because I can't stand it. But guess what? I ate every last bit of it! The lovely flavours of the soup had somehow disguised the foul taste of coriander and it was only when I looked down at my empty bowl when I realised I had eaten it all. 
I think Wagamama has cured my life-long phobia of coriander!

If you're a bit ramen fan or have never tried it before, I really recommend you try the ramen menu next time to head to Wagamama. There's a flavour combination that will definitely tickle your taste buds (even vegetarians!).

Pssssssst! They also do delivery in selected areas (available in Aberdeen!). Yipee!
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