Tuesday, 31 May 2016


A note from Joelle... 

♫♪'Daydream Believer' - Monkees ♫♪

Hi guys! I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.
I'm in a super good mood because I have finally completed my Geology degree and will be graduating in two weeks! I'm so pleased with my results and am looking forward to a break from education before setting off to do a Masters degree.
It's been a love-hate relationship with uni over the last four years, but I know going there was a good decision, even if it was risky.
I am so happy to be home! That doesn't mean that living in Aberdeen for four years was awful, but for the first time, I got really homesick this year and could not shake off the longing to come home and be in my comfort zone. It was so unlike me, because I love to push myself head-first out of my comfort zone most of the time.
If you haven't read about this year's struggles, click HERE - I'm still really proud of opening up in that post.

But today, I headed off to The BFI Southbank with Hannah to attend a press screening (ooo, fancy) of Barry Lyndon, a period drama that is being showcased for the BFI Forever campaign this summer.
I am wore this OASIS stripe slip midi dress (*) from House of Fraser. It's the perfect summer dress and I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe.
Have a look at the Dresses on the House of Fraser site. You would not believe the prices of some of these beauties! I've bookmarked a few to buy over the summer months and I can't wait to showcase them on the blog again!

I now have lots more free time on my hands, so I've made a little summer list of goals I want to achieve before the autumn. Some are so easy, I could do them tomorrow. But many of them are super challenge and lowkey 'impossible', but you know me - I love to be challenged and tested!

So here's to another new beginning and an adventure to follow! I hope you will come along for the ride :).
Oh, and my hair is ombre silver (for now!)! I fancied a change. What do you think?

Saturday, 28 May 2016

11 Amazing Millennials You NEED To Know

A note from Joelle... 


People who are around 30 to 14 years of age are classed as 'Millennials'. It's a word interchangeable that's with 'Generation Y' and is loved or loathed by the people within the label. 
Us Millennials grew up with the Internet, social media, information at the click of a finger or a mere swipe.
Being labelled a millennial comes with a lot of flack from the older generation:
our lives are easier
We are all selfie-obsessed sheep
We aren't inventing anything useful
We are lazy
We are too promiscuous and too fluid with our sexualities
We haven't had any real experiences to form a valid opinion on anything...

All of that is NONSENSE, of course, so I'd like to take this time to share my favourite Millennials who are absolutely killing it right now!

Rowan Blanchard, 14
11 Millennials You Need To Know
Rowan is an American actress currently starring in the lead role of Disney Channel's 'Girl Meets World' (she plays the fictional daughter of Topanga and Cory, if you remember the 'Boy Meets World series!). 
Rowan is an activist and mainly uses Twitter to share her social and political views. In person, she is a supporter of Emma Watson's #HeForShe campaign and has spoken at a UN Women conference.
Lots of people argue that she is "too young" to even be on social media, yet alone voicing her opinions *rolls eyes*, but they could not be more wrong. Yes, Rowan is young and has a young following, but she is opening up a discussion about feminism, sexuality, human rights and gun crime with a new generation that is quite hard to reach.

Amandla Stenberg, 17
11 Millennials You Need To Know

Amandla is an American actress who played Rue in the first Hunger Games film. Since then, she has been very virtually vocal about the issues that matter to her like cultural appropriation (yup, she called out Kylie Jenner in an incredibly classy way!), feminism and various charity campaigns.

She is not letting her young age stop her from voicing her opinions and as encouraged thousands of people around the world to question the injustices and 'norms' of today.
Tavi Gevinson, 20
11 Millennials You Need To Know
Tavi is a fashion blogger (one of the first Mega Bloggers) who rose to fame aged 12 with her blog, Style Rookie. Her quirky outfits and excellent writing skills landed her in the front rows at shows during fashion week and a tonne of press. However, when Tavi became a teenager, she shifted her focus onto and created her own magazine, Rookie Mag for teenagers.
The move was risky, but she did it anyway and succeeded. She has guest writers on the magazine and the topics cover a wide range of things with a main focus on teenage girls.
Her ambition, tenacity, creativity and passion is inspiring to me.

Emily Ratajkowski, 24 
"Why is she included in this list? Isn't she that naked girl from the 'Blurred Lines' video?"
Yes, that was her, but that's not all she is and that is the point she has been making since her rise to fame in 2013.
Emily is a model, actress and advocate of  for e.g safe sex, birth control rights, 
and opened up about finding herself typecast for roles due to her hotness.
She found that being tall and looking like an adult as a teenager made adult men and teenagers treat her differently that other children her age.
Emily is open and unapologetic about loving her body, nakedness and sexual expression and it has caused a huge debate in the feminist community. 
Why are people so quick to shame women who publically are ok with their bodies?
 Why does the female form have to be hidden away?
Can you be a feminist and be publically nude in the mainstream media?
It has stirred up a lot of opinions, but I believe that of course you can! The fundamentals on feminism boils down to women having a CHOICE. They are not controlled by men, rules, tradition etc. They have the choice to do whatever they want.
Emma Gannon, 20...something
11 Millennials You Need To Know
Emma is a British Journalist, blogger and author. She has written wonderful posts for established magazines, papers and journals, but it's her unique podcasts and hilarious tweets that set her apart from the rest.
Emma is a go-getter. Emma is clearly incredibly hardworking and most of all, she loves to share her journey, thoughts and life lessons with us all.
Her debut book about how she grew of with the Internet is out in July!

Madisen Kuhn, 20
11 Millennials You Need To Know
I received Madi's poetry book, "Eighteen Years" this year for my 22nd birthday and it was one of the best things I have ever read. You know when you get a fresh book and can't put it down no matter how much you try? Yep, that was what it was like reading her poetry.
From her unapologetic declaration of faith to her openness about heartbreak, friendship and mental health - Madisen's way with words is simply sublime.

Matt Mcgorry, 30
11 Millennials You Need To Know
Matt is an American actor (How to Get Away With Murder and Orange Is the New Black) and one of the very few high profile men (along with Douglas Booth and Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau) who is woke about female empowerment, gender equality and is an open Feminist. 
Matt uses his platforms like Twitter to share his views, not only on pop culture but more serious social issues and politics. He does this in a witty, entrancing way, which is rather refreshing!
He is a shining beacon, who is encouraging his peer group to get more clued up on social issues, before tweeting ill-informed views, especially about women's issues, which are often heavily trolled by men.

Leomie Anderson, 23
11 Millennials You Need To Know
Leomie is a British model who is taking the industry by storm, not just through catwalks and editorial campaigns, but by her activeness on social media. She uses her twitter, blog and Youtube to share her honest experiences as a Black model as well as posting fashion and beauty article/videos.
Recently she discussed having to bring her own makeup to work or having to deal with makeup artists who are unconfident working on black hair/skin. It may not sound like a big deal, but it is and I am glad light if being shone on the issue.
On her blog, she also writes about modern social issues like consent, discrimination, confidence and exercise, most of which have gone viral.
They are no crazy gimmicks with Leomie - she is just herself and therefore really respected for that.

Oloni, 26
11 Millennials You Need To Know

Dami Olonisakin is a British sex and relationships blogger/guru and journalist. I have been OBSESSED with her sex and relationships blog for the past couple of years and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.
Her eBook '100 Questions', full of dilemmas and advice had us all hooked with and her recent twitter threads where she shares anon reader's relationship issues can have you glued to your screen for hours.
In person, she has been giving talks up and down the country and is gaining more and more popularity every day from her no-nonsense advice and unapologetic stance on female empowerment through sexuality.
People of African descent in general, do not talk openly about their feelings, let alone their sexuality, sex lives or relationships, so it's no wonder Oloni's refreshing blog has gone from strength to strength within the Black community and will continue to break down those walls and start more conversations.

Rupi Kaur, 23
11 Millennials You Need To Know
Rupi Kaur is a Canadian-Indian poet. Her collection, Milk and Honey is one of the most incredible books I have ever read and it inspired me to share some of my poetry on this blog and with others.

Kat Blaque, 25

11 Millennials You Need To Know
Kat is an American Youtuber, writer, illustrator and activist.
I discovered her facebook page earlier this year, where she and her fans share and discuss social issues in pop culture, politics and everyday life.
I found myself agreeing with lots of her views and then, in turn, discovered her vibrant Youtube channel, where she shares her opinion from things like trolling, to current trans, race and female issues.
I love how active she is and how apologetically open she is about sharing her views in a super-calm and rational way.
We really need more personalities like Kat's!
Kat's Youtube

Thanks for reading! Are you a fan of anyone in this list? Who would you like to add?


Monday, 23 May 2016

The 'Deen Scene: Your 5 Fashion at Union Square, Aberdeen

A note from Joelle... 
Ladies and gents... a new fashion phenomenon is sweeping shopping centres nation-wide and it's called Your 5 - Finding the perfect clothing and beauty products has never been easier!
Your 5 Fashion
What? Passionate stylists and makeup artists lend a helping hand to shoppers pick key items that can complement what they already have in their wardrobes at home. The key pieces are:
The Shirt, The Jacket, The Trouser, The Sneaker and The Silk trend - samples from a variety of stores and with a pricetag accessible for all budgets.
The brands are from all over the shopping centre, meaning that you may find items from shops you rarely visit (like I did).

How? You book an appointment (fashion/beauty, or both!) and then a stylist will help you pick out 5 pieces in the 10 minute consultation. After registering, your favourite pieces are then snapped on an ipad and then printed out or emailed for you to remember and select in store.

Why? The shopping experience can often be quite stressful, and we often tend to go to our usual shops instead of searching around in more places. What was great about this service was that 

I rarely ever shop at Dorothy Perkins, but I found myself drawn to their pretty and affordable garments. If it wasn't for Your 5, I would never have realised how often I ignore many shops

My Items

A lot of the clothes I chose were not available in my size in the store, but I still managed to pick up some gorgeous pieces, following the trends pointed out to me on my Your 5 personal paper.
The silk texture trend will be rather big when the warmer weather hits, so I went for this lovely stripy jumpsuit from New Look.
Instead of trousers (because it's hot and I live by the beach), I bought the loveliest pair of baggy shorts from New Look. They also have that silky text that I liked so much from the Your 5 collection, so I went for it.

For a shirt, I went for this gorgeous top that I have been wearing so much recently. The off-shoulder style is something I've never worn before, so it's a nice change in this hot weather. It does rather well with my Carlina sunglasses, wet-look leggings and lace-up pumps.

Thank you so much to the Union Square team and Your 5 for the consultation and the gift card.
Your 5 personal shopping on an app too called Union Square Plus - so you can shop on the go! It enables you to gain access to exclusive offers within Union Square, Aberdeen and is here for you all year round.


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Matalan AW 2016 Press Day #MatalanAW16

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪'Wouldn't It Be Nice' - The Beach Boys ♫♪

Last week I popped down to the Matalan Press Day at One Marylebone in London.
I turn down a lot of these press day invitations, because I usually don't shop at the brands showcasing their collections. I like affordable fashion that keeps an eye on catwalk trends and then plays around with designs to make them more accessible to everyone, at any size or age.
That's why I've been a loyal Matalan customer for years.
The venue was a stunning old church with the most beautiful interiors.
Shoes and accessories display featuring trends for the autumn: 70s boho, animal skins, chunky knits, duffel bags, block heels, metallic accessories and lace -up shoes.

70s-chic is here for another season! I really like the layering, different textures/prints and the small details such as circular pendant zips and lace-up patterns.
Lots of sparkle and metallics in upcoming accessories

Fur gilets are coming back! 
And so are busy-patterned miniskirts 
 The wee kidswear range is also full of 70s trends, such as the sheepskin coat and the busy prints.

Three main themes for the autumn season: rustic autumnal, warm pink hues and Nordic-cool.

The affordability of all the ranges is so impressive and it's why my family and I love shopping for clothes/homeware in our local Matalan.

What I love the most about Matalan that even though the items are affordable, the quality is never, ever compromised. I was constantly getting down on my knees, touching, feeling all the textures to make sure that the quality was still sound - and it was! 
I think that's why the Matalan team were beaming with pride and passion. Also, finally meeting the people (stylists, P,Rs managers and buyers) behind the brand vision was really lovely.
Many thanks to Matalan for inviting me down! It's so nice to have a sneak peek at upcoming collections.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The 'Deen Scene: Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen #AKMeatUp

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪'This Is What You Came For' - Conor Maynard ♫♪

Today, I bring you another 'Deen Scene, you lucky lot.
For a few years now, going for a meal at The Adelphi Kitchen has been at the top of my foodie list.
I knew meat was their speciality, but I am actually more or a seafood person.
And guess what? To my surprise, Adelphi Kitchen are also seafood-fanatics! So I was really happy that the menu would be more varied - not just meat!
Myself and some other foodies came to sample the 2016 Spring menu - the menu as changed up about 3 times a year.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
We started off with some fruity cocktails and an introduction to the head chef, Murray, the bar and kitchen staff.
Murray spoke passionately about the beginnings and inspirations behind the restaurant as wells as sharing anecdotes about the sources of the 
Murray's friend, Gordon designed the interiors with a cosy Scottish rustic feel (there is a tin bucket as a sink in the bathroom), with mild tartan and exposed wooden walls, which is really pretty.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
We then flicked through the menus to get an idea of the dishes we would be sampling.
First up were the starters...
Mussels (aka moules marinière) in a delicious garlic, cider and bacon sauce - and crusty bread, of course!
Mussels are my absolute favourite and these huge ones from the West coast of Scotland did not disappoint.
I'm used to white wine mussels, but the cider in this works really well too as I found out.
Mussels are feared by a lot of people, so it was good to see some bloggers converts!
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Next up was this mac 'n' cheese loading with slow-smoked short beef ribs. I have never seen a dish so quickly devoured before.
Crispy on top and soft macaroni underneath - yes please!
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
King scallops with cauliflower and a black pudding bon bon - delicious! 
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Peterhead crab with watermelon - it shouldn't work, but the pairing is pretty genius. It's also really pretty to look at.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
New season lamb, broad beans, herbs and spring vegetable broth. I wasn't too keen on this one, but the others seemed to like the lamb.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Sugar cured and smoked beef fillet. I was sceptical about trying cured beef, but it was lovely.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Salt cod with rice, aioli and baby squid.
This was my joint favourite starter, along with the mussels. Cod was cooked to perfection and everything married together so well! I was genuinely sad when it was over.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Now onto the mains...
Salt and pepper beef short rib, Triple Cooked Chips, Honey and Lemon Glaze.
Just look at this beauty of a dish.
I really like the wee wild mushrooms and the HUGE chips in this dish as well.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
North Sea Halibut, Tikka - Rice, Langoustine Tempura, Spiced onion & Mussel Broth. Wow, wow, wow.
What kind of perfection is this please? This was by far my favourite main dish, and I would order it in a heartbeat. The crispy seabass, curried halibut and beautiful mussels. Not to mention the seasonal veg!
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
To finish, we had a trio of puddings: Lemon meringue pie, chocolate mousse cake and popcorn panna cotta with peppered crumble and strawberry jam.
I didn't try the mousse cake because I'm trying not to eat too much chocolate, but by the empty play at the end, the other foodies really like it.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
The lemon meringue pie was light and the intensely flavoured jelly cubes added a really nice kick.
My favourite was the panna cotta - sweet, creamy and so flavoursome. Such a delight.
Murray showing us around the kitchen
From being a part of the Aberdeen foodie scene for some time now, I knew that a dining experience at Adelphi Kitchen (even though I thought it was just a grill joint!) would be good. But I didn't expect it to be that good.
To make things even better, the dishes are so affordable, just have a look at the menu on the website link below.
I like how the ingredients are locally/nationally sourced, with a story behind every dish.
The love the restaurant decor, food presentation and even the bloody crockery is covetable.
I am so blown away by the delicious food and warm staff, that I am going to book my family graduation supper here. I want my family to experience the sheer delight that I felt dining here.

Many thanks to the Adelphi Kitchen team for their food and hospitality. I can't wait to be back in a few weeks!

The Adelphi Kitchen
28 Adelphi, Aberdeen AB11 5BL
01224 211414

Pssst! Local Aberdonians, they are also on Deliveroo!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The 'Deen Scene: Giraffe, Union Square

A note from Joelle... 
* still on the iphone quality while I search for a new camera to buy
The best thing about finishing my degree and the fab weather we've been having recently (VERY rare) is that I have more time to explore Aberdeen and try out more places.
Very hungry (and slightly overdressed), I caught up with some of the Aberdeen blogger ladies and we headed to a taster supper of Giraffe's Spring menu.
Giraffe, Union Square
I had never been before, so didn't know what the vibe was like or even what food was on offer. But I was impressed as soon as I walked in - dim lighting, quirky interiors and good music.

There is a lot of variety in the dishes and cocktails, so there is something for everyone on the Spring menu.
I ordered the Mango Mule cocktail (ginger beer, lime, mint and mango vodka) - yaaaaaas, it was delicious! It's just a shame that it took over 40 minutes for everyone to receive their drinks - 40 minutes for around 15 cocktails (many of which were the same).
Giraffe, Union Square
Giraffe, Union Square
I went for the Goan King prawn curry for my main - a spicy coconutty curry with generous helping of king prawns. A tad bit too spicy for me at times, but the plain rice complimented it quite well.
Giraffe, Union Square
Katherine and Amey opted for the chicken burger and fries.
Giraffe, Union Square

For pudding, I opted for the churros, a big favourite of mine - hot  and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, matched perfectly with cinnamon sugar and hot chocolate dipping sauce.
Giraffe, Union Square

I think the churros would be better presented in a paper cone or rustic-style bucket. Also, the hot chocolate dipping sauce was a bit stingy.

I wasn't impressed at how short-staffed the restaurant was - there was one waiter in working the entire place on his own. 
It took over 35 minutes to receive our cocktails and just under and hour to receive our main courses.
This isn't acceptable for a restaurant knowing that 15 bloggers are coming to review it, in my opinion.

I know it seems like I'm nitpicking, but these kinds of things can make a difference on whether customers recommend a restaurant or not.

Nonetheless the staff we met were friendly and the courses were really delicious. So I do recommend Giraffe for the delicious cocktails and menu, as there's something for everyone!

Unit FS3B, Union Square, Guild St, Aberdeen AB11 5RG



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