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The 'Deen Scene: Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen #AKMeatUp

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Today, I bring you another 'Deen Scene, you lucky lot.
For a few years now, going for a meal at The Adelphi Kitchen has been at the top of my foodie list.
I knew meat was their speciality, but I am actually more or a seafood person.
And guess what? To my surprise, Adelphi Kitchen are also seafood-fanatics! So I was really happy that the menu would be more varied - not just meat!
Myself and some other foodies came to sample the 2016 Spring menu - the menu as changed up about 3 times a year.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
We started off with some fruity cocktails and an introduction to the head chef, Murray, the bar and kitchen staff.
Murray spoke passionately about the beginnings and inspirations behind the restaurant as wells as sharing anecdotes about the sources of the 
Murray's friend, Gordon designed the interiors with a cosy Scottish rustic feel (there is a tin bucket as a sink in the bathroom), with mild tartan and exposed wooden walls, which is really pretty.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
We then flicked through the menus to get an idea of the dishes we would be sampling.
First up were the starters...
Mussels (aka moules marinière) in a delicious garlic, cider and bacon sauce - and crusty bread, of course!
Mussels are my absolute favourite and these huge ones from the West coast of Scotland did not disappoint.
I'm used to white wine mussels, but the cider in this works really well too as I found out.
Mussels are feared by a lot of people, so it was good to see some bloggers converts!
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Next up was this mac 'n' cheese loading with slow-smoked short beef ribs. I have never seen a dish so quickly devoured before.
Crispy on top and soft macaroni underneath - yes please!
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
King scallops with cauliflower and a black pudding bon bon - delicious! 
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Peterhead crab with watermelon - it shouldn't work, but the pairing is pretty genius. It's also really pretty to look at.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
New season lamb, broad beans, herbs and spring vegetable broth. I wasn't too keen on this one, but the others seemed to like the lamb.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Sugar cured and smoked beef fillet. I was sceptical about trying cured beef, but it was lovely.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Salt cod with rice, aioli and baby squid.
This was my joint favourite starter, along with the mussels. Cod was cooked to perfection and everything married together so well! I was genuinely sad when it was over.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
Now onto the mains...
Salt and pepper beef short rib, Triple Cooked Chips, Honey and Lemon Glaze.
Just look at this beauty of a dish.
I really like the wee wild mushrooms and the HUGE chips in this dish as well.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
North Sea Halibut, Tikka - Rice, Langoustine Tempura, Spiced onion & Mussel Broth. Wow, wow, wow.
What kind of perfection is this please? This was by far my favourite main dish, and I would order it in a heartbeat. The crispy seabass, curried halibut and beautiful mussels. Not to mention the seasonal veg!
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
To finish, we had a trio of puddings: Lemon meringue pie, chocolate mousse cake and popcorn panna cotta with peppered crumble and strawberry jam.
I didn't try the mousse cake because I'm trying not to eat too much chocolate, but by the empty play at the end, the other foodies really like it.
Adelphi Kitchen, Aberdeen
The lemon meringue pie was light and the intensely flavoured jelly cubes added a really nice kick.
My favourite was the panna cotta - sweet, creamy and so flavoursome. Such a delight.
Murray showing us around the kitchen
From being a part of the Aberdeen foodie scene for some time now, I knew that a dining experience at Adelphi Kitchen (even though I thought it was just a grill joint!) would be good. But I didn't expect it to be that good.
To make things even better, the dishes are so affordable, just have a look at the menu on the website link below.
I like how the ingredients are locally/nationally sourced, with a story behind every dish.
The love the restaurant decor, food presentation and even the bloody crockery is covetable.
I am so blown away by the delicious food and warm staff, that I am going to book my family graduation supper here. I want my family to experience the sheer delight that I felt dining here.

Many thanks to the Adelphi Kitchen team for their food and hospitality. I can't wait to be back in a few weeks!

The Adelphi Kitchen
28 Adelphi, Aberdeen AB11 5BL
01224 211414

Pssst! Local Aberdonians, they are also on Deliveroo!


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