Tuesday, 31 May 2016


A note from Joelle... 

♫♪'Daydream Believer' - Monkees ♫♪

Hi guys! I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.
I'm in a super good mood because I have finally completed my Geology degree and will be graduating in two weeks! I'm so pleased with my results and am looking forward to a break from education before setting off to do a Masters degree.
It's been a love-hate relationship with uni over the last four years, but I know going there was a good decision, even if it was risky.
I am so happy to be home! That doesn't mean that living in Aberdeen for four years was awful, but for the first time, I got really homesick this year and could not shake off the longing to come home and be in my comfort zone. It was so unlike me, because I love to push myself head-first out of my comfort zone most of the time.
If you haven't read about this year's struggles, click HERE - I'm still really proud of opening up in that post.

But today, I headed off to The BFI Southbank with Hannah to attend a press screening (ooo, fancy) of Barry Lyndon, a period drama that is being showcased for the BFI Forever campaign this summer.
I am wore this OASIS stripe slip midi dress (*) from House of Fraser. It's the perfect summer dress and I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe.
Have a look at the Dresses on the House of Fraser site. You would not believe the prices of some of these beauties! I've bookmarked a few to buy over the summer months and I can't wait to showcase them on the blog again!

I now have lots more free time on my hands, so I've made a little summer list of goals I want to achieve before the autumn. Some are so easy, I could do them tomorrow. But many of them are super challenge and lowkey 'impossible', but you know me - I love to be challenged and tested!

So here's to another new beginning and an adventure to follow! I hope you will come along for the ride :).
Oh, and my hair is ombre silver (for now!)! I fancied a change. What do you think?


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