Monday, 23 May 2016

The 'Deen Scene: Your 5 Fashion at Union Square, Aberdeen

A note from Joelle... 
Ladies and gents... a new fashion phenomenon is sweeping shopping centres nation-wide and it's called Your 5 - Finding the perfect clothing and beauty products has never been easier!
Your 5 Fashion
What? Passionate stylists and makeup artists lend a helping hand to shoppers pick key items that can complement what they already have in their wardrobes at home. The key pieces are:
The Shirt, The Jacket, The Trouser, The Sneaker and The Silk trend - samples from a variety of stores and with a pricetag accessible for all budgets.
The brands are from all over the shopping centre, meaning that you may find items from shops you rarely visit (like I did).

How? You book an appointment (fashion/beauty, or both!) and then a stylist will help you pick out 5 pieces in the 10 minute consultation. After registering, your favourite pieces are then snapped on an ipad and then printed out or emailed for you to remember and select in store.

Why? The shopping experience can often be quite stressful, and we often tend to go to our usual shops instead of searching around in more places. What was great about this service was that 

I rarely ever shop at Dorothy Perkins, but I found myself drawn to their pretty and affordable garments. If it wasn't for Your 5, I would never have realised how often I ignore many shops

My Items

A lot of the clothes I chose were not available in my size in the store, but I still managed to pick up some gorgeous pieces, following the trends pointed out to me on my Your 5 personal paper.
The silk texture trend will be rather big when the warmer weather hits, so I went for this lovely stripy jumpsuit from New Look.
Instead of trousers (because it's hot and I live by the beach), I bought the loveliest pair of baggy shorts from New Look. They also have that silky text that I liked so much from the Your 5 collection, so I went for it.

For a shirt, I went for this gorgeous top that I have been wearing so much recently. The off-shoulder style is something I've never worn before, so it's a nice change in this hot weather. It does rather well with my Carlina sunglasses, wet-look leggings and lace-up pumps.

Thank you so much to the Union Square team and Your 5 for the consultation and the gift card.
Your 5 personal shopping on an app too called Union Square Plus - so you can shop on the go! It enables you to gain access to exclusive offers within Union Square, Aberdeen and is here for you all year round.



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