Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The 'Deen Scene: The Cat in the Window Cafe, Aberdeen

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Ah, yes! The famous cat cafe that has generated a lot of buzz in Aberdeen City since its opening in February. I had heard some good and some not so good things about it, so was keen to go there myself to make up my own mind. However, I never really got the chance during term time, so then kind of forgot about it.
The Cat In the Window Cafe, Aberdeen
It was only until I drove drove past it on  the way to town last week, that I thought I'd spontaneously try it out. But I looked online and realised I had book a slot - fair enough.
But then I saw I had to pay an entry free for myself and my friend - hmmmm.
After paying, I THEN realised that our slot was only for an hour...
It would have been a better deal if we got a free tea/cupcake along with the entry free, because when we paid £11.50 just to enter, we expected an excellent experience.
The Cat In the Window Cafe, Aberdeen
We pressed the doorbell and a lovely lady opened the door. We hung up our stuff in the cloakroom as she handed us a sheet with all the house rules (can't pick the cats up, etc.). We were then made to take off our shoes (I opted for the hilarious-looking plastic shoe covers) and then we proceeded to our table.
The Cat In the Window Cafe, Aberdeen
There were no menus on the table, so we awkwardly sat there for a bit, wondering what to do and how to order tea and cake. A waitress then brought over the menus, whilst we swooned over the cats prancing around.
The cats in residence are as cute and fluffy as you can imagine - my favourite being Zeus,  a big 'ol fluffball who came to nap under our table.
There are plenty of toys around and the decor is very pretty and whimsical, so the cats are in a good, clean place.
I went for the chocolate and coconut tea and a wee tablet flavoured cupcake and they were both delicious! The crockery is really pretty and you even get a little china cat milk cup.
The Cat In the Window Cafe, Aberdeen
Once the hour was up, everyone in the cafe was ushered out whilst they prepared for the next batch of guests. On que, the cats kind of disappeared all at once to their little sleeping baskets and the whole thing seemed to last for such a short time.

I understand that when you are dealing with live animals in a dining area, there needs to be certain rules, however, it was easy to feel like a school child again and not a paying guest.
The Cat In the Window Cafe, Aberdeen
So in total, we spent about £30 on entry, a few small cupcakes, a cup of tea and had a few feline friends running around our feet. 
To be totally honest, I don't think the experience is worth that much money at all - especially for an hour. Sure, it's a nice, Instagrammable place - ideal for cat-lovers, but when you break down the high costs and the satisfactory experience, I don't think I will be returning in a hurry. 

If you want to try the cat cafe out for yourself, please find the details below and let me know what you think:
14 Netherkirkgate,
AB10 1AU
P.S. you can't bring your own cat!

Have you been to The Cat in the Window or something similar? What did you think?


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