Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Huggle App Launch Party

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪'Chelsea Dagger' - The Fratellis ♫♪

The Huggle app is all about connecting with people who like to go to your favourite places and spaces.
I've never seen an app like this before, so that's why I downloaded it and wanted to show my support at the launch party.
Silly me didn't save the snaps from my Snapchat (joelle.owusu) story, so the pictures of Rosie Fortescue, Hugo Taylor, Kimberly Garner and Oliver Cheshire have disappeared. So you just have to take my word for it that they were there!
Beautiful entrance to the party
Hannah and I headed to Bumpkin, Chelsea (after a little mix-up at the South Ken Bumpkin) and were greeted with all things blue and festival-themed. Blue food, blue drinks, blue decor, blue models at the door...
Huggle App Launch Party
I'm not joking!
We then headed to the talented Shine Shack team who hooked us us with prety festival-style glitter makeup. Isn't this a wonderful idea? Glitter has come back in style and festival goers can't get enough of it these days.
Huggle App Launch Party
Huggle App Launch Party
Crowning glory
Huggle App Launch Party
You can't have a festival-themed party without floral crown, right? Luckily, the very generous Huggle team had many stacked around the place, so we all got a pick of the lot.
Huggle App Launch Party
Huggle is all about discovering your tribe - the people who are into the same places and venues as you. So going along that theme, we had a wonderful performance from three Maori men.
Huggle App Launch Party
Braids and cornrows have always been a part of my Black culture, but it's good to see them finally being embraced by the masses these days - I'm all for it.
Hairdressers were around braiding in patterns and styles I have never seen before.
Huggle App Launch Party
Hannah's heart cornrows
Many thanks to the Huggle team for having us down to celebrate the launch of the fab new app. I have it and can't wait to 
Download the app HERE!



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