Friday, 19 August 2016

Pamper Session

A note from Joelle... 

♫♪'Littlest Things' - Lily Allen ♫♪

Hi guys! How's it going?
As you can see from the lack of blog posts over the summer, I have been on a much-needed break from blogging and the Internet in general. I really needed a digital detox to relax and spend more time on other projects - the main one being my book launching this Autumn. That's right my BOOK! Ahhhhhhh I am so nervous/happy/anxious/excited for you guys to finally get a copy of "Otherness"
It's a cute coffee table book full of poems that I really hope you like. You can pre-order it HERE.

Anyway, I've spent the last week in a nice state of relaxation - mainly because I forced myself to give my body and mind a good 'ol pamper.
You know the drill: bubble baths, face masks, good boks, wine by the bucket-load, fresh bedsheets, a chilled playlist and the smoothest legs I've ever had. 

Let me by real right now: I rarely shave. Not because I prefer the natural look, but because I actually don't grow much hair anywhere. Maybe it's a West African thing, I don't really know.

As a broke student, I opted for the cheapest single-razor blades that chaffed my skin and left bumps and nicks. They sort of did the job, so I never bothered looking for better ones. 
So when Dorco got in touch and introduced the Eve 6 razor. The razor experts with over 60 years of experience have released their first ever razor for women and it's amazing.
A part of me didn't want to try it, because I have been so used to bog-standard packs of razors. I didn't really want to leave my comfort zone and try the 3 double-bladed format. There's no way it would be good, right?
Well, I was wrong - WRONG... W-R-O-N-G.
My legs have NEVER been this smooth in my life. Not only is the shave so close and precise, I don't have to angle the blade in order to get the close shave, the position of the six blazes has got it covered and cuts hairs at every angle - what is this sorcery?

And with starting prices at only £5.09? I don't think I'll evver go back to those cheap razos.
So with my mind relaxed, body pampered and legs as smooth as silk, all that was left was to jump into a freshly-dressed bed, grab a book and drift off. 
I'm so glad I took this time off to recharge.
For more tips on ways to unwind, check out my other post HERE.

Got any more tips on how to unwind?


THEATRE: The Jungle Book - Southbank Centre

A note from Joelle... 

I basically live in Southbank and know it back-to-front. From the moment I step out of Waterloo station and head towards the river, it feels like my second home. From all the classical music concerts I've enjoyed in the Royal Festival Hall, the street performers opposite the London Eye, that skate cave, the food markets on the weekends or even the film screenings at BFI, the place is heaving with things to do whatever your age.
The Jungle Book - Southbank Centre
One place that I'm no so familiar with is the Udderbelly Festival that takes place near the river every summer.
I remember seeing a show called "Brazil" Brazil!" a few years ago but the event has really upped its game since then with a beautiful circus tent for more variety shows including the Metta Theatre's Jungle Book.

The Jungle Book. Everyone knows Kipling's story of Mowgli and Baloo, but this version is like no other. The show is a mixture of British urban culture (street dance, spoken word poetic narration and incredible circus tricks.)

In this adaptation, Mowgli is a young girl in trying to survive in an urban jungle and Baloo is a bin man. Snakes are pole dancers, sliding up and down lampposts with jaw-dropping moves. Other animals like wolves and vultures are represented by stunning acrobatic skills and street dances, all tied nicely with great music, beautiful spoken word and excellent choreography.
No wonder the place was packed! This is the first show I have seen this year that has had a full-house audience. It is because it is great for children, but also leaves their parents wanting more.

"For the voiceless, be the voice. For the choiceless, be the choice."
 - I don't know why that one line from the show stuck with me, but it did and I'm glad it did.

It's not every day you step out of a show vowing to take up pole dancing and circus performing, but there you go. My sister and I loved it and with a packed circus tent full of clapping and cheers, all the little kids and their parents enjoyed it too.

After the show, there's plenty to do along the Southbank (as mentioned above) or even over the Thames and across the bridge towards Embankment. It's a perfect day out.

Many thanks to the Southbank Centre for the invitation. 

In this venue from Sat 13th Aug to Sun 28th Aug and you their show trailer HERE.

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