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Podcasts You Should Be Listening To (Part II)

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Internet/media/tech culture is rapidly changing and I'm finding it so exciting. I barely tune into traditional shows on the radio or TV anymore. And even YouTube is getting a bit dry.
Maybe it's my inner 80-year-old coming out again, but my eyes need a break from all the screens I look at every day.
This is where podcasts come in. They have taken over my life as forms of entertainment and it's really refreshing because they are all so diverse... and free!
Like I said in my last podcast blog post, there's something for everyone and all you need to do is check the charts on Acast, Apple iTunes, or Soundcloud.

1. My Dad Wrote a Porno - Imagine your dad wrote and published an erotic novel... That's the reality for Jamie Morton, host of this extremely popular show.
In each episode, Jamie reads a chapter of 'Belinda Blinked', the amateur erotic novel his actual father actually wrote, with commentary from his friends, James and Alice. 
It's the number 1 UK podcast at the moment is over 2 million views and it's absolutely hilarious! 
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2. Backlisted - Last year, Unbound publisher, John Mitchison started a fortnightly book podcast with author, Andy Miller. Every episode, the team discuss an old book that most people don't know or have forgotten about. It's great because we get to (re)discover great books and bring them back to life, in a way. I recommend this show to book-lovers everywhere, as the genres are diverse and the chats  are as entertaining as they are informative.
Backlisted Podcast
3. Lunar Poetry - Ever since I took up poetry last year as a way of dealing with depression, I found that the poetry scene is not the underground, cloak 'n' dagger scene I thought it was. It's modern, vibrant and inclusive and South London mag, Lunar Poetry is a great example of that. Their magazine (and twitter) is packed with poetry written by people from all walks of life and their podcasts interview poets from all over the world.
4. 3 Shots of Tequila - Everyone's favourite Instagram meme pundit, Marvin Abbey has his own podcast show and it's genius! With two mates,  he discusses sex, relationships, mental health, youth culture, etc. and it's refreshing to hear the voices of three Black British men. I am used to listening to podcasts with a female audience in mind, so hearing the male perspective on these topics has been quite eye-opening. Not forgetting to mention that the show is fucking hilarious!
5. Grammar Girl - Call me lame, but I think grammar is really important. These short episodes discuss words, spelling, grammar and sentence structure in a non-patronising way. As a writer and someone who works in the book publishing industry, I find these tips really helpful because it's so easy to forget the English rules we learned in school.
6. Get It On - This show is hosted by author and TV personality, Dawn O'Porter, who interviews her celebrity friends about their clothes and style habits. You may roll your eyes at this kind of show, but it's not as shallow as you might think. The episodes really delve into the psychology of style/fashion and each conversation is so different and personal. Dawn is a natural show host.
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7. Time Crisis - My future husband, Ezra Koenig (lead singer of Vampire Weekend) hosts this radio talk show with celebrity guests and his music friends. Hearing professional musicians talk so passionately about current, classic and obscure music is really interesting because they always have secrets  and background info that we missed, as mere mortals.
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8. Hey, It's OK - This is GLAMOUR Magazine UK's podcast, hosted by Editor-in-Chief, Jo Elvin. She invites celebrities and her staff to talk openly about everything from fashion and lifestyle to mental heath and feminism.
I've been a loyal reader of the magazine since my mid-teens and after meeting and interviewing Jo in 2012, I realised that it was more than just  a fashion mag. They have a clear vision to empower every kind of woman in whatever they want to do with their lives.
SO I was thrilled when they turned their 'Hey, It's OK' feature into a podcast, featuring conversations with inspiring women from all walks of life and professions.
I'm a new listener and have been loving
This podcast is 30 minutes of inspiration and refreshing bliss, even if the topic is uncomfortable.
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Are you loving any podcasts at the moment? Let me know below!
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