Monday, 9 January 2017


A note from Joelle... 

This winter has been all about LBDs for me - classic ones and quirky ones, like this gem from Quiz Clothing. I've been living in black for the past three months and it's hard to go wrong when black genuinely goes with everything.
Quiz Clothing dresses (*) are giving me so much life at the moment. I'm usually quite boring when it comes to LBDs and just chose to add more excitement with jewellery and shoes, this dress is a game-changer.
I wasn't too sure about the cut-out lattice pattern at first, but it's something different and actually works out quite well with my debenhams clutch and Jon Snow-esque gillet from Primark.
It may look like texture-overload, but it just works! Adding a bit of sparkle takes the dark edge off and the gillet keeps you warm whilst showing off the detail of the dress.

Anyway, this was just a wee post to let you know that I am indeed alive and well. I made a promise to blog more this year, and will try my best to stick to that promise. Bear with me, folks!


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