Monday, 13 February 2017


A note from Joelle... 
  1. directed or moving backwards.
I can't wait for summer, but don't get it twisted - I'll still be wearing black.
Black on black on black on black.
I feel like I'm moving backwards into how I used to be - just wearing dark clothes, but is that actually such a bad thing?
Black goes with everything and it suits everyone. It's formal, it's casual and it never fades.
This winter, I've found mixing dark, casual dresses with dark shoes with a bit of detail makes the entire outfit a bit more special, without the cliche "pop of colour".
Check out my new lace-up midi heels (and ignore my ashy ankles)!
The dress is thin and slinky and the shoes are comfy - that's all I need in this weird weather.
Lace-up heels - ASOS

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