Monday, 13 March 2017

Wagamama x Meantime Brewing Company

A note from Joelle... 

Craft beer is taking over my life.
We have boxes of the stuff sent to us at work (shhh...) every month, so I've been sipping lots of weird and wonderful flavours recently. YAY for my taste buds, nay for my ever-growing beer bump that's got people on the Tube wondering if they should give up their seat to me.

To my delight, a friend and I were invited down to Wagamama in Soho to try out two new craft beers created by Greenwich brewery, Meantime (d' gedd it?) a week before the launch in restaurants nationwide.
Wagamama's executive chef Steve Mangle and Meantime's Ciaran Giblin popped over to chat about the inspirations and origins of the new beers ans also th special food pairings.

First up was 'Kikku', a chilli-infused beer. As I'm used to spicy food (I add chilli flakes to evreything) I think my tastebuds had been desensitised because I only felt a teeny tiny kick to this beer.. A part of me liked the subtleness, but more would make this brew a 10/10.

Our favourite was 'Kansho', a ginger and lime brew, which went with pretty much every dish including the puddings. I did taste much of the ginger, but the lime's tanginess along with the airiness off the beer made for a lovely drinking experience. It's light but doesn't leave you bloated at all.

Bao buns, braised beef ramen, udon stir-fry, mini cream cakes and bucket-loads of edamame beans - the beers went down a treat with all of the food on offer.

Meantime's craft beers are launching on 15th March 2017 in all  UK restaurants.



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