Saturday, 15 April 2017

Campo Colour Lab Wine Tasting x Norte

A note from Joelle... 
The Colour Lab by Campo Viejo is an interactive wine tasting experience that launched in March at Spanish restaurant Norte (Regent St, Piccadilly). 
I was lucky enough to be invited down last month to try the unique wine tasting experience and some tapas. 
Allow me to *spill*... (sorry - I really couldn't come up with a better pun!)
We assembled into a small room and were seated with three black wine glasses in front of us. The opaque glasses masked the colour of the wine, making it a bit harder for us to know what we were drinking.
After a little test, we were divided into two types of taste bud characteristics. This would fine distinguish the way we taste wine and what we get from them.
We did the traditional swirling of the wine and then smelling before taking a sip and discussing what we could taste. We were all certain that we knew the colour of all the wines (red, white, rose, etc.), but things were about to get interesting...
To be honest, I didn't think a change in the mood lighting would make a difference to the taste of the wine, but it did!
We started off in a bright but tame white lighting and the wines tasted relatively normal. No one noticed anything strange and we were all sure that we knew the types and colors of the wines in front of us - easy stuff.
The lighting changed to a soothing blue, and the flavour was less intense and more fruity instead of fresh.
We were all in agreement that the green lighting made us feel uncomfortable and this resulted in the wines tasting very intense - almost like vinegar. 
The whole idea sounds bizarre, but they have found the perfect mood lighting to match the relaxing dining experience without compromising on the wines and food. My best lighting was the red - everything tasted better in my opinion.
The tapas is pretty nifty too - all the meats, peppers and other ingredients are of excellent quality and the owners go to Spain almost weekly to source out the most authentic Spanish foods.
This wine tasting experience is not to be missed, especially if you're looking for a fun thing to do before a meal at Norte. 
Many thanks to Farrah and the team for having me!

2 Regent St, St. James's, London SW1Y 4LR


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