5 Fashion Styles for Travelers

Comfort has never been more important in the world of traveling than it is today. With increasingly cramped airline seats, longer lines and more connections, one must aim to be as comfortable as possible when embarking on their next journey. Being comfortable, however, does not mean looking like a slob. There are numerous options that straddle the line between fashion and function quite seamlessly; try some of the options below to ensure you arrive at your destination relaxed whilst still looking fabulous.

Harem Pants

Once an option only for hippies or Aladdin, the harem pant is making a comeback for the masses. The striking colors and unique patterns can be coordinated with a variety of looks and the looseness that the flowing fabric affords will be hard pressed to beat in the comfort department. The look conveys an individual that is put together without trying too hard.

For ladies, there is no easier option for traveling than a dress. They take up less space than separates in your luggage, which in itself is a plus now that we have entered the times of baggage fees being standard, but also are extremely low maintenance if wrinkle-resistant fabrics are chosen. Chose basic colors so that accessories can be swapped out to create different looks; that way you can get at least two wears out of each dress per trip.


When traveling to a warm climate, nothing says polished sophistication quite the same way as linen does. Although it is easily wrinkled, that is part of its charm so one can forget about keeping it pressed too neatly and go with the flow; it is expected when wearing this fabric. Also, the lightweight properties of linen make it a cinch to pack and will keep you cool throughout your trip.

Silk Scarf

A great scarf is one of the most useful items to take on a trip. It can be used on the plane to keep your neck warm and can spice up a basic outfit in order to add a bit more color. Silk is light enough for any climate but still adds enough of an extra layer to protect from a breeze.

Comfortable Shoes

One does not need to stick with tennis shoes to be comfortable on a trip. Many flats, and even some high heels, are made with extra cushion in the soles in order to give needed support. Be sure to pack a style that transitions well from day to night whilst still being comfortable for a lot of walking.

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