5 Hippie Fashion Trends

One of the top fashion trends to follow this year is the hippie influence. Recently, we’ve begun to see more and more trademark trends from the 60s, 70s, and 80s crop up midst current trends. The fusion of contemporary and hippie styles has created a unique look that many women are modeling their own style after. In this article, we’ve identified five signature hippie touches that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe to give it a subtle hippie vibe.


Currently, a cute fringe can be found on nearly any clothing item that you can imagine. Shirts, shorts, and skirts can all be commonly found with this popular fad attached. Fringes were one of the signature elements of true hippie fashion back in the day. Today, though fringes can be found everywhere, we suggest finding a few certain pieces that sport fringes. We recommend finding crop tops, earrings, and bikini tops that employ the use of fringes.

Leather Footwear

Complete any look with a pop of leather on your feet to give your outfit an instant lift. The most popular and versatile pieces include ankle high, lace-up boots and leather sandals sporting thick straps and secure closures. Not only is leather a fashion statement, it is one of the most durable choices for footwear.

Harem pants

Not only stylish, this style of bottoms also offers the best in comfort. Harem pants are flowy and loose and made from light, breathable fabrics, ensuring your comfort while you wear them. Yet, they’re an indispensable piece that can add texture and interest. Harem pants come in endless shades and patterns to fit your preferences. Some of the most popular include tribal and floral prints.


Headbands and hair wraps

These cool accessories are not only interesting embellishments to an outfit, but also a useful addition your style. Headbands and hair wraps come in every color and pattern imaginable and are a low cost way to spice up your usual style. Because they can be purchased at low costs, buying a variety of these can serve as a useful way to fashionably keep your hair in place.

Layered Jewelry

Play up your look by adding jewelry and lots of it. The only rule here is to keep it creative. Anything goes. Throw on strings of wooden beads around your neck. You could adorn your fingers and wrists with turquoise and silver pieces. Try mixing and matching pieces made of different materials and colors: a gold chain with a necklace of stone beads, for instance, for interesting and eye catching results.

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