Perhaps the anticipation of a hot summer is responsible for the demise of the skin tight pants that trap heat next to the body. Or maybe the skinny jeans fad has just finally come to a natural end. Either way, there are plenty of other fashion options available this season and many of them are graciously wide legged and flattering.

Wide Leg Options for Mom

There has always been a running joke about “Mom jeans” which falsely indicated that women lost their sense of style after giving birth. Unflattering denim jeans and the uprising of various skinny leg fashion pants left otherwise stylish mothers with little choice. They simply had to take what was available on the rack whether or not it fit their body type and overall style preferences.

City Pants

Hemlines on skirts and dresses vary from year to year and now the City Pants trend is growing in popularity for the same reason. Falling just above the ankle bone, they are shorter than regular pants but not nearly as short as capri pants. The unique length gives City Pants an advantage over other bottoms because they are work appropriate but can also be dressed down for any social engagement after work.

Bamboo Harem Pants

Using natural materials for everything from paints to clothing is a welcome trend for many fashion designers. Comfortable harem pants have finally met the perfect fabric to complement their free flowing style. The durable and soft natural grass is blended with other fabrics like rayon or nylon to produce an ultra comfortable choice to a timeless harem style pant ensemble. The result is a very versatile style that can contain ethnic prints, solid colors, or random patterns.

Printed Bottoms

Pin stripped suit pants are suitable for most professional office jobs and are usually quite boring. This season, a dramatic entrance is being made in bold prints on many different pant styles. Tweed, silk, and cotton blends are transforming fashion trends by combining unique and varied prints on all pant styles. Traditional pinstripes are enhanced by thin ribbons of color or sparkle and solid colors are being embellished with a wisp of vibrant color or transparent patterns.

Lightweight Fabrics

Along with the bamboo harem pants, other natural and synthetic fabrics are being recreated for the season. The free flowing and wider legged pants are best when they are paired with lightweight materials like linens. The new cotton blends are more creative than ever as designers begin weaving different color strands through the material to give a signature style to their namesake.

By Erin J. Johnson

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