5 summer Fashion Trends

The summertime brings about a new outlook on life and a new way to dress. It is the time of the year when big, dark and bulky clothing is replaced with those breezy and light fabrics and colors of the summer. There are five summer fashion trends that are on the minds of those ready and just waiting for those warm summer days and nights. One are sunglasses. The trend in sunglasses for the summer is big, bold and beautiful. Not only to shades help protect the eyes from the harsh rays and bright light of the sun; they make one look simply fabulous as well.

Two are sandals. One may choose sandals adorned with glittering embellishments or stones or perhaps opt for a simple leather pair; but sandals are always a summer trend as they can be dressy or casual when paired with the right outfit. Even a few great pairs of flip flops are perfect for summer, as they work well for the beach or pool and a great pair with a good pattern or design will stand out.

Three are bamboo harem pants also known as Thai fisherman pants. These are perhaps the most versatile pants ever created so it is no secret they are a top trend for the summer. The billowing effect of the design and the lightweight fabric make them ideal for a day at the beach, a night out for dinner or an evening of dancing. Paired with the right top and shoes, harem pants can go from casual to dressy in an instant.

Four are lightly colored lip balms. The summertime tends to give everyone this sun kissed glow and lightweight and light colored makeup are top fashion trends but one of the key items for the summer is a tinted lip balm. This will give lips a hint of color and also keep them hydrated and protected.

Five has to be a great little jacket or cardigan. Though summer is warm, the evenings can get cool and having the right little jacket or cardigan is key. Tossed over shoulders when the air is only slightly cool or worn over top of maxi dresses, harem pant outfits, shorts or rompers; the right jacket is one that pairs well with just about any outfit.

The key to being on point with summer trends is knowing that the look of summer is all about fluidity and being free. This is why light makeup, sandals and harem pants are top trends as they allow one to feel free which is a nice change compared to the winter when everyone is bundled up under layers of clothing trying to stay warm.

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