In the world of fashion, horrible trends take place often. And in the history of fashion, many fashion trends came as horror in our lives and we ever wanted to destroy them from this planet.

So here we present the 8 worst trends ever in the history of fashion:

Croce (Bayan lined)

Croce (Bayan lined) are standing at the first spot in our list of worst fashion trends ever. The most unusual design ever in the history of footwear. These are just ugly hunks of rubber with some stupid breathing holes on its top. Introduced in America, the ugliest design ever which projected a bad image for its homeland. These shoes may be the most comfortable around but at the same time they look just too dreadful.

Saggy jeans

The second in our list, ‘Saggy pants’ which is the most hideous fashion trend on this planet. Who would want to show off boxers even though wearing along jeans with it? These pants give the most dreadful looks ever. I wonder why this useless fashion was introduced.

Platform Flip flops

From old 1990’s to 2000, the platform Flip flops made all their way. It has an unusual extra large block of Styrofoam piece with extra large size. It is just as a useless large stone. Totally a meaningless design.

Mullet Skirt

Skirts look best on girls, but what’s this? Mullet skirt? The hideous looking ever in the category of skirts. Because of its unusual long design and wooly feel, it has been listed in our list, being one of the worst fashion trends ever.

Leather pants

Leather pants were the most awful and useless creations of mankind. Just imagine yourself in this terrible pant and you’ll want to throw it away!

Iconic geeky glasses

The hottest trends these days, the Iconic geeky glasses are a totally useless trend to be mad of. I don’t know why every other person I watch is wearing these glasses. It gives a geeky feel to its wearer. Even celebrities and famous people are wearing these glasses.

Transparent wearing

This transparent wearing fashion trend is the worst of all. Though it may look good on people having good muscles and body but think for a second, not all are. I would rather say it is just a junk!

Jeggings for Men

Jeggings the skinniest styled pants for men. A very unusual structure and design, totally a piece of junk. The worst fashion in men’s wearing. So do you think these were the worst fashion trends ever, or you have some other hideous things then these?

By Erin J. Johnson

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