Eniafe Momodu’s Style Shows The Extravagance Of Men’s Fashion In Nigeria

While men in other countries may be hesitant to wear bold colors and large, dramatic silhouettes elsewhere, Lagos, Nigeria sees them as a sign of wealth and personal style. These men dress in the most eye-catching prints, bold arm details and flowing bodices each fashion week to stand out from everyone else on street style. Eniafe Mumodu is a standout among this group, not only because of his height (6’6 ”–), but also because he has one of the most beautiful looks.

Momodu is a University of Leeds graduate who has been a photographer, producer and writer for the past two years. He has over 24,000 Instagram followers. Momodu has been an integral part of bringing to life campaigns and productions, including those for Alara, Arise Fashion Week, and Ebony Lifestyle. He has also hosted his own projects like New World Brunch. The custom-made asooke and gazar Silk agbada that Momodu wore to Lagos Fashion Week last November were praised by numerous publications, including Vogue, as the best look of the event. He wore custom-made, all-black robes to Lagos Is Burning, an event that was inspired by ballroom dancing.

Eniafe Mumodu, from Dubai, says that his style is grand and larger than life. However, his fashion philosophy is not based on extravagantity. He says that his typical silhouette is long and flowing. My style reflects my personality. Fashion is not something I believe in. Comfort can also be stylish. What I wear doesn’t necessarily reflect my appearance. I care more about the message behind what clothes I wear. I think about how a garment reflects me and also about culture, gender, sustainability, as well as other aspects of society.

Lagos is a fashion capital but it offers few options for plus-size shoppers, especially from ready-to-wear brands. Plus-size outfits can cost twice or three times as much for an outfit of the same size in a smaller size. Momodu, who has been through this struggle many times, now relies on Nigerian tailors to make his customized wardrobe. This is a simpler process, but it’s still not ideal. Momodu states that fashion in Lagos is not particularly inclusive. Momodu says that Lagos’ bespoke culture means that the fashion industry and its flaws do not have the same impact on clothing as in other parts. Local tailors are used to make clothing for special occasions such as weddings, funerals and birthdays. The process is described by him as Nigerians. While tailors are not known for their ability to meet deadlines, they do a great job.

Momodu, a Lagosian fashion designer and stylist, is thankful for the easy access to tailors as well as bespoke fashion. He considers it a blessing to be able to enjoy the history and culture that surrounds him in Lagos. His creativity and endless supply of fashion inspiration fuel his storytelling. “In Lagos we have the privilege to have such a rich, vibrant cultural heritage. Momodu states that creativity is everywhere you look. We have centuries of inspiration to choose from when it comes to patterns, colors, textiles, or color combinations. Nigeria is at its core a melting pot with different cultures and influences. Local designers and artisans can draw on aspects of Nigerian culture, but not become homogenous.


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