It is not something new for anyone that fashion and celebrities are most of the times good partners. Everyday appearance of these TV and movie stars is closely related to the latest trends in fashion. In fact, many ordinary people are really enthusiastic in learning what dress a specific starlet has worn when stepping on the red carpet. Other people are interested in learning what one or another star has worn while taking part in a charity event and so on.

The fashion that celebrities wear with their appearance is watched closely with almost the same interest as people care about the celebrities’ personal life. But why is that? This is the question that we try to find answer to throughout this article. One explanation for the interest that is shown to celebrity fashion by ordinary people is their need to be admired the same way a celebrity is admired. There are unfortunately many people these days who just want to look like their favorite star, dress in the same style and even behave in this way. One obvious question that relates to this explanation is what exactly makes them wish that? It is most of the times in the human nature the need to be complimented and in the center of the attention.

Isn’t this ironic? While many of the celebrities will want to have a peaceful life without paparazzi stalking them all over the place, there are many of other individuals who are in search for precisely this type of attention. These individuals will always be ready to copy one fashion style of a favorite star in the hope to draw other people attention. But there is one aspect that many individuals overlook: the costs involved in this pursuit. While celebrities have huge financial resources to afford paying the huge amount of money for a fashion designer creation, ordinary people lack these means. But this doesn’t prevent them from imitating one fashion style and design of their favorite star just for the sake to get dressed exactly like them.

There is also another reason why these people look for the latest fashion trends within their celebrities’ wardrobe: the fact that TV and movie stars will never consider choosing outfit that is out of fashion. They have their personal fashion consultants who recommend them the latest trends in fashion and choose also something that is appropriate for their personal style. But there is again another aspect that fans forget about: not everything that looks good on your favorite star will look good on you, too. It is nothing wrong to consider your star’s fashion style and watch the trendiest ways of getting themselves dressed, but it is always recommended to coordinate these aspects with your own personality and body needs.

By Erin J. Johnson

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