Hottest Shades & Combinations Of Colors For The Season – Autumn / Winter

Hottest shades and combinations of colors for the season autumn / winter Say goodbye to the pastel shades. In the new  Autumn / Winter season pay favor to the the dramatic and misterious look.

Here are the favorites:

1.Dramatically Bordeaux

Boardeaux is unofficially the “color of the season

.2.Indigo Blue

Indigo blue acts refreshingly sexy – bright enough to leave a strong impression.


The mysterious purple color is a real paradise for the eyes. It could be an excellent choice if you decide to experiment with goth style.

4.Dark Green
Her energetic and cheerful look will make your heart warmer in the upcoming cold days.
5.Deep Turquoise

The love to the deep turquoise  color never fades  but the cold season requires immersion of this blue-green mix. Do not skip the dark turquoise color, because it has the power to enrich your look.

6.Light Pink

Last season it became clear that the bright pink color is no longer designed just for girls. Designers left this color  to conquer a huge in the fashion world with its tenderness and delicacy.

7.Muddy Brown

Earth colors, without exception  increases the popularity of each fall season. This season most actual is the muddy brown hue.

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