Despite having access to any label in the world, Kate Moss always puts her own spin on the way she looks. She knows exactly what suits her, is never a slave to fashion trends and has the utter confidence to be herself. Kate has a knack of knowing how to dress for every occasion and the ability to throw on a mix of designer, high-street and vintage clothes that always works. When she does evening ‘glamour’ she always gets the proportions right, often wearing a simple, slinky one-tone dress, teamed with strappy stilettos and a beautiful vintage handbag. She always wears sexy shoes (you hardly ever see her in trainers) and this elegant yet eclectic style is reflected in her favorite designers – Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Helmut Lang and Versace.

This individuality and confidence with clothes is something all top models acquire from wearing thousands of garments a year and having to make them come alive. Photographers, fashion editors and designers are brutally honest about which garments suit each girl (and which don’t) and models learn over time what’s best for them and, from stylists, how to wear them. It’s important to build up a wardrobe that expresses your personality. It’s no good dressing in tailored classics if you’re really a romantic and long for velvet and frills, or doing the hippy peasant look if you love androgynous clothes. Choosing bright colors and patterns if you’re an introvert, or dressing in three tones of grey if you long to be the life and soul of the party, is never going to work. Approach your wardrobe from the premise that it has to suit you, not you it. Your style is your trademark; it reflects your character and lifestyle. It’s your very own sartorial signature.

Elle Macpherson’s lifestyle is jet-set international – she has four magnificent homes around the world and her personal style reflects this – polished, elegant, and groomed and Valentino is, unsurprisingly, her favorite designer. Yasmin Le Bon is married to a musician and her look is more ‘romantic rock and roll’, favoring denim and the occasional pretty forties tea dress. Jeans, Ossie Clark and Voyage are her favorites and she was one of the first girls to be seen in kid’s T-shirts and cut-off denim skirts. She’s also one of the few girls who can wear Day-Glo colors and still look amazing.

Claudia Schiffer is another model who loves mixing old with new and she enjoys nothing more than rummaging around bargain bins in shops. She says one of her best ever buys was a vintage leather jacket she spotted in Portobello Road, London, which she swears she’ll keep forever. Chloe jeans are another favorite of Claudia’s and it’s a relief to know that she finds really good jeans hard to find – like the rest of us. It isn’t uncommon to continue to dress according to the decade of your heyday, whilst believing you’re still of-the-moment. A good way to avoid image time warp is to assess your style of dressing every ten years. Keeping the same hairstyle long-term can also make you look older, because the face changes but the hair stays the same emphasizing the ageing face rather than disguising it.

You can’t Wear That at Your Age

Twenties. Wean yourself away from cheap, stretchy fabrics, piercings, crop tops. Think Mau Mau. Never attempt Armani suits, Hermes scarves or beige.

Thirties. Say goodbye to mini skirts, plastic jewelry, spangle stuff, and hair bobbles. Think Zara and Gucci. No long jackets, floral skirts or Jean Muir.

Forties. Au revoir gingham, customized denim, Luella, long hair and vintage. Think DKNY, cashmere and Jimmy Choo. Say no to leisure pants.

Fifties. Relax, you know what suits you. Put on your good jewelry and marvel at the wonderful character in your face. That’s your signature style.

By Erin J. Johnson

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