OK, your child has already reached the teen stage of their life and you want to seen them dressed in a decent way even if fashion trends dictate a different style from the one that you consider decent. You see your teen planning to go out in one evening wearing a top short that has that cleavage showing too much of their bust or your teen boy wearing those baggy pants showing too much of their boxers.

What is there to do in this type of situation? Many parents consider approaching the matter with an attitude that they think they are entitled to have as parents but they actually worsen up the things. Prohibiting your teen to go out dressed in that way without explaining why will definitely draw more stubbornness coming from your teen. You have to go back in time and remember what it was like when you in your turn was a teen and wanted to wear everything that was on fashion at that time that didn’t match with your parents’ desire. What was your position towards your parents’ attitude?

Wouldn’t you have preferred to never be told what to wear when going out with your friends? So, the same happens now – you are the parent and you confront with a situation where you need to have a different approach on this matter. You should think of a way to explain your teen girl that once too much of her body is exposed, it can draw the attention of many evil minds who might take this exposure as a sexual innuendo to them. You might as well remind your teen that fashion trends come and go and as such they should at all times consider wearing something that has a little of the current fashion trends combined with something classic that never dies. A good idea would be to discuss about the options reminding them that not all the fashion trends require too much body exposure. You can together look for various options that are presented in both fashion magazines and online websites.

Many of these online web pages have a lot of information on fashion trends and ways to dress decently while still being on fashion. One other thing to take into account when talking your teen into changing their interest shown towards extreme styles of fashion trends is the dress code that your teen school may require. Explain your teen that school is an institution that needs to be respected along with the teachers who educate them. Wearing clothes that are too revealing can draw a bad reputation toward them affecting as such their school records. Maybe you have heard and your teen has heard too of cases where students were expelled from school for a period of time precisely for the fact of wearing something different than the school’s dress code.

By Erin J. Johnson

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