Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Talk Fashion At Dolce & Gabbana

Colson Baker and Domenico Dolce made a toast late Saturday night at a dinner of around 40 people at Milan’s Martini bar. It was to celebrate the headline-making engagement that had just ended. Although the engagement was not the one you may be picturing, it was clear that we had to drink Prosecco. We had just finished our dinner and toast to celebrate the highly collaborative menswear show. The fall collection of Dolce & Gabbana was on display at Teatro Metropole. It was shared by Machine Gun Kelly, Baker’s high-caliber stage title. It was great fun, as Vogue Runway’s review remarked.

Baker, who is super friendly as a matter-of-fact, and Megan Fox, his partner, were both on chilled form. Megan Fox was wearing this, which is by comparison is reserved and watchful, at least when speaking to journalists she’s only met (which is fine enough). We compared our first gigs (Fox’s was N’Sync and Baker’s Backstreet Boys and mine Blur), discussed the downsides to digitally-led media ( New Yorker should pitch them for a deep-dive profile that would last three months) and compared Sunday plans. They were headed to Lake Como.

Baker: It was released to manage the narrative. Instead of someone catching a strange cell phone photo of a ring on their hand and then being shocked, It was unexpected. It was just a recording that I made on my phone. It wasn’t like there were photographers. It was like me placing my phone against a cup. Congratulations! May I see your engagement ring please? [Fox shows her her sparkler] Nice! I saw in Vogue that Stephen Webster was commissioned by you. Can you tell us more?

Baker: This is a Colombian thoroughbred emerald that has not been treated. Straight from the mine, it was carved into the teardrop. Stephen was the one who gave Stephen the diamond. It is possible to take the ring apart and make two rings. It’s held together by a magnet when it’s all put together. You can see how it snaps together. Then it forms an obscure heart. This is how you can see it. These are actually thorns. It hurts when she tries to remove it. There will be blood. The engagement is over, but you should stay together and be fashion-y. How has your relationship influenced each other’s senses of style since you first met?

Fox: Mine has definitely changed. It wasn’t something that I was focusing on or thinking about before. As an actress, I was classified as a sex symbol. Publicists bring in stylists and tell us to dress more serious so the world takes you seriously as an actor. They weren’t dressing me in the way I wanted. So, I gave up fashion. I was like, “I don’t care,” because it wasn’t going to be something I liked anyway. Until I met him. Musicians are free to express their creativity in how they dress. Musicians can be more extravagant than actors. Before I became famous, everyone knew I would wear one crazy piece and everyone would say, “You dress weird.” It wasn’t until I got molded that I realized that I had to be consistent in my dressing. He’s a bit eccentric in his style, which has allowed me to express myself better. He also helped me connect with MaeveReilly, my stylist.

Fox: Fox is also adventurous. She wants me to feel the same way she does. If you look at the clothes she has put on me, it is obvious that we are not running from it. We are actually leaning in to it. This is great because it’s something that has never felt right for me. It is strange that this machine dresses you up in’real-life’ looks to fill a specific role. Fox: It’s an interesting machine to have against. I can recall that we bought all these dresses for the Golden Globes and I was disgusted by them all. I thought, “Where’s the good stuff?” Let me be Marylin, let’s be who we are, and why are you sending me crap that doesn’t fit. Barneys ladies’ lunch I don’t wear that style! The publicists would then say, “Well, these are some of the most beautiful dresses currently being created.” I’m not that kind of person. Then I met him, and it was like: “Oh, these clothes exist?” OK!


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