Blog Love of The Week 2013

A note from Joelle...
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Every Tuesday of this year (exactly 54 weeks!), I will pick my favourite blog of the week and say why I love it so much! I want to spread the blog love this year as bloggers should be appreciated more for their hard work and creativity!

The List So Far:

1. Tuesday 1st January: by Maggie Pegg  - Maggie is a personal style and lifestyle blogger from Sweden. She is not afraid to wear vibrant prints and statement jewellery, which is fabulous. This girl knows how to dress! Make sure to head over to her site and check out her style!

2. Tuesday 8th January: by Kathryn - Kathryn is a young accountant living in London. I have been following her blog ever since I saw it on the Cosmo Blogger Awards nominee page for best food blog. Her blog documents the food she cooks on weekends and her recipes are simply brilliant. She shows us how good food can look through her  wonderful food presentation and excellent photography (I have been taking notes!). My favourite recipes of are her Gingerbread Brownies and her Cacao Nib and Sea Salt Fudge! She is very adventurous with flavours, which is great. So have a good wonder around her blog and fall in love with her recipes, as I have! There is something for everyone.
3. Tuesday 15th January: ('Style is an inspiration of past, present and future.') by Veronica.
This was one of the first fashion blogs I followed back in the day. She is a fashionista from Hong Kong and has one of the best eye for style. I am a huge fan of the way she layers her outfits with exquisite accessories and the way she plays with on-trend colours.
Her blog is filled with the latest luxury brand showcases/events, but there are also some great posts about her day-to-day life as well.
Don't just take my word for it - have a look. You will adore her blog!
4. Tuesday 22nd January: by Kate, a make-up artist from the South East of England.
I came across her blog around May time last year and was in awe of the way Kate took her photos, they are so clear and have a great 'tint' to them.
Kate's blog is so versatile and covers style, beauty, cooking and general lifestyle, which is my favourite kind of blog to read. I am also a big fan. of. the. way. she. breaks. up. the. words. in. her. titles. like. this! So, if you have a few moments, please click the link above and check out her wonderful blog!
5. Tuesday 29th Janurary: by Izy Hossack from London. She is from a family of keen bakers and she has been blogging since July 2011.
I could not believe my eyes when I first found Izy's blog. Not only were the recipes easy to follow, the photographs she takes really come to life with the use of gifs in some posts. Her blog has a really cosy and rustic feel to it, which I think is really unique.
Oh and guess what? She is only 16!! I am so jealous of her baking talent and am keen to just spend time making each and every one of her recipes! Please please please make sure to have a look at her blog and  feast your eyes on this recipe for Peanut Butter Cup S’moreo Bars. It is outrageous!

6. Tuesday 5th February 2013: by Stacey McDonald from Sheffield. I found her blog in November 2012 when someone on twitter bought the most beautiful 'scrabble-tile' cushion. I asked her where she got it and she linked me to Stacey's blog. I like the clarity of her photos and the content variety made me follow her blog straight away! She can blog with ease about beauty and her style and then about a travel event - it's brilliant. I love how creative she was by making and selling her cushions as well. Cannot wait to get my hands on some for my room decor. Please make your to check out her blog (link above), you will adore it!

7. Tuesday 12th February by Fabrizia Spinelli from Rome/Naples. The name of her blog means 'What shall I wear?' in Italian and focuses on trends, beauty and Fabrizia's personal style. 
I like the way she layers her outfits with it looking frumpy and over-the-top. She is also a fan of vibrant colours, big statement jewellery and her hair always look fabulous too. 
Her style posts have a beautiful backdrop like the one above. Make sure to have a look at Fabrizia's blog soon!

8.Tuesday 19th February 2013: by Laura a Graphic Design student from the South of England.

Laura is one of my favourite fashion bloggers because she does regular personal style posts. I have found that her fashion taste is quite similar to mine and her photography is also fabulous.
Her blog titles are always short and straight to the point, which is great too!
Make sure to have a look at Laura's blog when you can!
9. Tuesday 26th February 2013: by Vani, an Economics student from Berlin (but studying in London). I found her blog early last year and it soon became one of my favourites. This was because is was such a big breath of fresh air and every new post leaves you wanting more! Her photographs skills are second-to-none and have you seen her fashion style? The lady can put together the most chic outfits! My favourite post from Vani's blog are the 'Diary' and 'Food' posts. I cannot wait to get back to London to try some of the restaurants she has blogged about.
Please check out her blog (link above), when you can! You will love it! 
10. Tuesday 5th March 2013: by Gia, a student from Auckland New Zealand. Firstly, I am incredibly jealous that she lives in New Zealand. As much as I love the UK, I would love to go and live in NZ and explore the country.
Why do I love her blog? Well, she just keeps it real and blogs about anything and everything in the life. You only need to look at a few of her posts to realise that she is an amazing illustrator too.
Her dating posts are so great (and hilarious) to read and she writes brilliant blogging tips that have really helped me!
Please make sure to check out her site and hopefully you will love it as much I do!

11. Tuesday 12th March 2013: Introducing Daisy from Pretty Green Tea. She has been blogging since 2008, lives by the sea and loves tea! I like her blog because it covers all of her interests: fashion, photography, travel, food and TEA! I read some of her tea reviews a while back and it got me (gradually) into more herbal teas. I am a die-hard Earl Grey girl, so it was a big step! Her fashion posts are great as well - even if most of the pics are of her shoes!
Please take time out to check out Daisy's blog!

12. Tuesday 19th March 2013: Let me introduce you to Ashly, a Scottish model/actress living in London. She is a self-confessed geek, who love Sudoku and crosswords (like me!). She also has a cute dog called Poppi and has been blogging for just over a year now. 
I am a brand new reader of her blog and like the way she mixes reviews, fashion and posts about her life. I also like her blog layout, as it is easy to navigate and read with ease.
Make sure to stop by and have a look at her site when you have time! 
13. Tuesday 26th March 2013: This blog is by Sade, a 20 year-old Architecture student. I found Sade's blog last week when she commented on one of my posts. I thought I'd have a little nose around and I was amazed. Her photography skills are insanely good and her style? Don't even get me started, I could rave about how amazing she looks in her pics for days. 
We have the same Topshop (Oh My Love) fur coat, which I think is cool. I never actually realised that I could take the fur trim off of it, but thanks to her style posts, I have learnt to mix and match it with other pieces in my wardrobe.
PLEASE have a read of her blog and see what you think. She's got my Company Style Blogger Award vote for 'Best Use of Photography'!
The Weekender Trender
14. Tuesday 2nd April 2013: Let me introduce you to Georgina. She is a blogger from up North and has been blogging for over a year. I followed her blog in the early months and it has really grown from strength-to-strength. Her blog is mainly lifestyle with occasional beauty, fashion and recipe posts too. I also like the clarity of her photos (I need to take note!) and her vintage-style DIY/craft pieces for bedroom décor. Oh, and did I mention that she is 15? Crazy! 

15. Tuesday 9th April 2013: This blog belongs to Sonia, a fifteen year-old student from London. Her style is full of prints, textures and colour, with a cool vintage vibe. 
She often lets her pictures do most of the talking in her blog posts, which makes her blog easy to love, as it's more of a scrapbook of her style and thoughts. 
Make sure to check out her blog by clicking the link above! 

16. Tuesday 16th April 2013: This blog is by Autumn, a girl who loves DIY, fashion and beauty. She makes amazing wishlist collages and knows a lot about skincare (I have been taking notes!). She has also inspired me to spend more time searching for clothing gems in thrift shops, as she always finds really unique things. 
Make sure to check out her blog by clicking the link above! 

17. Tuesday 23rd April 2013: Introducing Ana from London (via Portugal!). I was fortunate to meet her at a blogger lunch last month and then find her blog. It's a great mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle, with bundles of personality in every post. Ana's blog is so cool because you feel like you are going on her little adventures through the way she writes and the pictures that accompany them.  Her London trips and fashion collages (especially award season posts) are great and not to be missed! 
You have to check out her blog pronto! 

18. Tuesday 30th April 2013: Ash is a uni student living in central Scotland and is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She has been blogging since 2011 and I found her blog early last week. I really like her blog layout and her cool post titles make you want to click and see what it's about. Her fashion is really nice too, lots of textures and cute prints (I am taking note on how to style busy prints like Ash does!), not forgetting how nicely edited her photos are! She has also written a few posts about male fashion, which I think is really cool. 
Feel free to click the link above and check out her blog!

19. Tuesday 7th May 2013: Introducing Olivia from Oxfordshire. Hers is a fashion blog with occasional posts on beauty and lifestyle too. She (like me) loves musicals and is very musical herself, playing lots of instruments.She also has an very big magazine collection which totally trumps  mine! Olivia's style is pretty amazing - I like her casual look with cardigans and jeans and she is very clever at choosing accessories to match the outfit (it's harder than it looks, guys!). Her vintage Hilfiger dungarees are seriously cool too! 
Make sure to click the link about to check out her blog if you haven't read it already! :)

20. Tuesday 14th May 2013: by Lola, a fashion graduate from London. This is Lola new account after her original blog was unfortunately tampered with in February. I really like her blog's use of moving gifs and it makes her blog stand out and even more fun to read. 
As well as great fashion inspiration collages, Lola is great at incorporating fashion, beauty, lifestyle and reviews into her blog. Her site is not cluttered and easy to browse with a simple and pretty layout. 
But don't just take my word for it.... click the link above and check out her blog! :)
21. Tuesday 21st May 2013: by Roxy, a 22 PhD student  from Wales. I discovered this blog after Roxy commented on one of my posts last week. She left her link so I thought I'd check it out. She set up her blog early this year after reading other blogs and its contents ranges from fashion and beauty to lifestyle - very promising stuff, I must add.
There was something really 'warm' about the blog that made me keep reading and reading. Roxy is really into her nail polishes and showcases lots of pretty colours and nail art posts on here too (my favourite is the one with a black base and golden arrows she wore to a meetup!).
Click the link and have a look for yourself! :)

22. Tuesday 28th May 2013: Meet Clarissa Henry, a 17 year old fashion student from London. I like her blog becuase her pictures are great and her layout is clear and easy to navigate around. I am also a fan of her trends wishlists as she is good at finding affordable pieces of clothing that mesh well to make an on-trend outfit.
Clarissa's style is very urban, but with flares of vintage and punk. She is definitely one to watch on the blogging scene. There are only a few posts on her blog, but you can see previous posts on her bloglovin' account!

23. Tuesday 4th June 2013: Say a big 'bonjour!' to Coline Chavaroche from the South East of France (studying Journalism). She blogs at 'Fashioneiric', a mix of lifestyle and fashion and was launched just under a year ago.
Her blog pictures are beautiful and makes me wish I lived in France! My favourite post from Coline's blog is 'Five Good Reasons To Hate Me', which is hilariously honest and really well-written.
Make sure to give the above link a click and check out her wonderful blog!

24. Tuesday 11th June 2013: This blog is written by Rebecca from Coventry and was actually one of the first blogs I followed way back in 2011. I was drawn to her blog because I really liked her writing style - straight to the point. Her 'Topshop Tuesday' posts are ace and I liked the celebrity fashion posts and beauty reviews too.
Make sure to give the above link a click and check out Rebecca's blog! :)

25. Tuesday 18th June 2013: This is a blog written by Kirstie, a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Southern England. I found her blog after a twitter chat last month and it's soooooooo fabulous, it's crazy. The colour scheme for starters is such a positive yellow and cream. Her layout is lovely and they way she writes her posts is as if we are all her besties! 
Kirstie is current;y doing the '30 Day Snap' throughout this month, so check out watch she has been getting up to so far by clicking the link above! 
Fifty Six Freckles
26. Tuesday 25th June 2013: by Jo from London. I have been following her blog for months and love the way she uses accessories a lot in her outfits. Her style is very vibrant and really refreshing to see as she mixed high street and vintage garments so well. Her blog layout is easy to navigate around and is well-worth a read!
27. Tuesday 2nd July 2013: written by Tanya, an 18 year old student studying in Leeds.
I found her blog last week through a link from another blog and I really enjoyed reading through a few of her newest posts. Her style is so laid back, but really cool and I like her High Street finds such as the H&M Gold Ring Set she blogged about last month. Her images are big and clear, which is always great to see and I really like her informal/relaxed writing style!
Have a look at her blog and see what you think! 
28. Tuesday 9th July 2013: introducing Karen, a vintage-lover from Northern Scotland. Her blog is fabulous because it covers everything: from music('Tuesday Tunage'), to reviews, to lifestyle, crafts and weekly summaries through pictures. The variety makes her blog so fun to read and the decoration between each post is really pretty.
And did I mention how cute her pet guinea pig is? 'Awwwww' is all I can say!
Make sure to stop by on her blog and have a read!
29. Tuesday 16th July 2013: This week is all about Kristina from London. Her blog incorporates lost of things that I like about good blogs: Lovely large pictures, fashion posts, foodie posts, with beauty and lifestyle too. I like her style as it's really quirky (she has cherry shoes!!) and put together very well. Her site header has this amazing drawing above, which caught my eye instantly. I am current;y reading through some of her  older posts, which are in Croatian, but there is a handy translation button, so it's all good! 
Don't just take my word for it, click the link above to read her blog! 

30. Tuesday 23rd July 2013: Elisa K is BACK! She took a few months off blogging to focus on uni work, but she made a wonderful comeback just in time for summer! Elisa is of Italian/Sri Lankan descent and splits her time between London, Surrey and Portsmouth. 
I was really happy when I found Elisa's blog, because we went to school together and I thought I was the only blogger in my year at the time! It's nice that I'm not the only one who caught the fashion blogging bug and enjoys documenting bits of my life online.
Her fashion and beauty posts are straight-to-the-point and the pictures are elegant and clear. I can't describe her style with just one word, like I can for most bloggers, but the phrase 'chic with edge' springs to mind.
Don't just take me word for it though. Head over to her blog and have a read! 
P.S: Elisa, if you read this... I am coming after your Burberry sunglasses - no joke!! 

31. Tuesday 30th July 2013: Introducing Sophie Milner, a recent journalism graduate. He blog is mainly personal style with bits of lifestyle. She commented on my blog a while ago and as I'm such a nosey girl, I clicked to check out her site.
I can say without a doubt that Sophie is one of the most stylish bloggers I have ever seen - and I have been fashion blogging four almost 5 years now and have seen quite a few fashionistas.
Her blog has been running for little over a year, and every post is almost magazine standard and the layout and design is impeccable! TEACH MY YOUR WAYS, SOPHIE!! 
Her monthly round-up posts are cool because she doesn't just make a collage and describe the pictures. Instead she breaks it down into monthly 'edits' and talks about the ups and downs of the month, which is so much better.
I seriously urge you to check out her blog and read her posts, she's going places! 
Style Altar
32. Tuesday 6th August 2013: This lovely blog is run by Dianne Hanson (mmm bop), from Manchester. She started this blog this Spring and it's mainly fashion, tips and bargains, which is right up my street! I am so glad to have discovered her blog because her collages are fab and she links all the clothes to the websites, which is so handy!
Click the link above to check out her blog! 
33. Tuesday 13th August 2013: Introducing Becky Fearn, a 21-year-old student. She has been blogging since Feb of this year and focuses on beauty, fashion and bits of lifestyle. I really like her personal style posts the best because she often includes links to the pieces she's wearing (very important) and has a great writing style.
Click the link above to check out her blog! 
34. Tuesday 20th Augut 2013: Introducing Tanya Pendergast and Karl Waghorn-Moyce from London. 'Fashion Knows No Limits' is a fashion blog, with bits of travel and lifestyle too. It's quite unusual for a male and female blogging duo, but I think it I really refreshing. 
 Their posts are straight to the point and I love their use of oversized, clear images. 
In all honesty, I think that Tanya is one of the most stylish bloggers ever. Everything she wears on her blog just seems to work! Teach me your ways!

35. Tuesday 27th August 2013: Meet Charlotte, a teacher from Northamptonshire. I found her blog late last week and really liked a lot of things about it. Firstly, I like her reviews of beauty products. I don't follow any beauty blogs, to be honest, but hers is quite different as she is so good at writing interesting and varied posts.
I like her weekly wishlists, personal style posts and layout too!
Click the link above and have a look! 
Corals Closet
36. Tuesday 3rd September 2013: This blog is written by Coral, a journalism/media/photography student living in Bristol, UK. Coral has been blogging for two years over a year now and I find her blog a great read. 
Her style is seriously covetable and I enjoy reading posts about her time out with friends as well as her personal style posts. All in all, Coral seems like a really cool girl, so go check out her blog ASAP!! 

37. Tuesday 10th September 2013: Say 'hi' to Georgie Walsh! 
Her blog has been around since July and is already filled with beauty, DIY, food and lifestyle posts - love it!
I also like the motivational feel to her blog and her posts are so uplifting, which is what we all need at some point in our lives.
She also recently got engaged to be married, so head on over to her blog and wish her a huge congratulations!! 

38. Tuesday 17th September 2013 By Laura from Aberdeen. She really knows her stuff about beauty and fashion and her blog is such a delight to read!
Laura's blog is beautifully designed too, with neat sidebars, clear images and really cute cartoon buttons.
I also think you should know that  Laura is  one of the most hardworking bloggers I have ever met and set up a group for bloggers in the North East of Scotland uniting us all together. When I moved to the North, I thought I would be a lone blogger, but Laura welcomed me into the community and am so glad to have met her and the rest of the Aberdeen blogger girls! The group is rapidly growing and it's so great to be a part of it!
Make sure to click the link above and have a read. You will not want to leave her blog! 

39. Tuesday 25th September 2013: Introducing Jennifer from Glasgow. I like her blog because you can tell straight away that she has a huge passion for beauty and makeup. Her reviews are really great and I have found cool new products from reading her reviews.
She also does a few posts on lifestyle and fashion to mix it up a bit, which is great. Her images are so clear and are a great size and her blog layout is so reader-friendly! 
Click the link above to check out Jennifer's blog!
Elegance with an attitude
40. Tuesday 1st October 2013: Say 'hi' to Cailin from Phoenix, AZ, USA. She has been blogging for about 6 years and writes a beauty blog.
Her blog is fabulous in so many ways! Firstly, the layout is amazing - like an online magazine format.
Her blog posts are mainly about beauty, but different kinds such as celebrity makeup, brand appreciation,  tutorials, reviews and much more!
Whether you are looking for a review or 'How To' post on a specific kind of make-up, Sassy Dove will have you covered.
Make sure to click the link above and check it out for yourself! 

Fash Boulevard
41. Tuesday 8th October 2013: run by Anna James from LA.
She also works for Lauren Conrad, Giuliana Rancic and Vanity Fair, which is the coolest thing ever! 
I found Fashion Boulevard last year by sheer chance, but have been hooked ever since! 
Anna's Style is really covetable and she is an expert when it comes to style and and looking chic.
Anna has a really interesting way of styling things such as prints and vibrant colours that I would never had thought would work well. That's one of the reasons why she is one of my favourite fashion bloggers - risk taking!
All-in-all Fashion Boulevard has it all - the amazing fashion, lifestyle, celeb fashion and Anna's great charisma! 
42. Tuesday 16th October 2013: Meet Emma, a student from Surrey/London. I found her blog a few months ago and it was so great to find new bloggers from my neck of the woods (Surrey). Emma's started her blog this summer and mainly focuses on cute little eateries around London, her trips around the South-East and also some recipes.
My London is still relatively new, but it's developing into a really nice lifestyle blog, so make sure to stop by!

43. Tuesday 22nd October 2013: Introducing Bryony, a fashion student from Somerset.
From what I've read/seen, she is a really talented blogger and her fashion sense is seriously amazing! She can pull off a blue jumper and red leather skirt AND gold shoes, and I am so envious! The way she puts clothes together is really interesting and I am so inspired! 
And I didn't even mention her jewellery finds - they are so covetable and unique. Check out her most recent nail art too - the silver detail is beautiful.
Bryony's blog is really lovely and unique, so click the link above to check it out!
Fancy Pants
44. Tuesday 29th October 2013: This blog is by Amy, a blogger/photographer from South Africa. I found her blog a while back and love her images and then way she styles clothes.
Her blog layout is minimalistic and therefore easy to navigate around. I also like that it's like a style lookbook with great quality pictures!
Want to know what I'm talking about? Click the link above to see for yourself!

The Luxe Life
45. Tuesday 5th November 2013: Don't you just love those blogs that your can read of ages and ages withough getting bored? Well The Luxe Life might be for you!
The site a collection of reviews about the luxury side of life, from high tea in London to restaurant and hotel experiences (The high tea series being a personal favourite of mine!).
This blog is especially great because it gives me lots of ideas on where to go in London for unique experiences and great food! 
The Luxe Life is really easy to navigate around and the logo sketches are so beautiful too!
Please take some time to read The Luxe Life by clicking the link above! 

Temporary:Secretary | UK Fashion Blog | Style Blogger
46. Tuesday 12th November 2013: Temp:Sec is a blog filled with style, fashion, beauty and lifestyle!
I found Sarah's blog all the way back in 2008, and it was the first blog I ever read! I was looking through Sugar Magazine as a wee teen and her jewellery site was featured on one of the pages. I thought the name was do cute and went to check out the jewellery straight away. I then discovered her main blog and fell in love!
Did I mention how cute her cat Oscar is?? 
Sarah never fails to create interesting and creative content and that's why her blog is so amazing and popular! It has been a real honour reading her blog all these years! 
Don't just take my word for it though, click the click above and have a read! 

Fashion and cupcakes.
47. Tuesday 19th November 2013: Meet Shuvi, a student living in Gloucestershire. Her blog is packed with personal style posts and also a bit of lifestyle.
She takes fabulous outfit images and her style is so covetable! 
I have honestly never seen a fashion blogger like her, she just styles her outfits to perfection, which is awesome!
Grab a cuppa and have a look at Shuvi's blog! 

Cosmetics, Clothes and Cute things!
48. Tuseday 26th November 2013: The blog is by the lovely Helen, from Hampshire. Just like my sister, she is an Economics student in 3rd year and has been blogging for almost a year. 
Her blog covers everything from beauty reviews, wishlists, nail art, guest posts and lifestyle posts! Love how diverse it is! Helen's blog oozes personality and it's really easy to navigate around!
In all honesty, I just think Helen and her blog are fabulous and you definitely need to give it a read when you can! 
Stereo Nana.
49. Tuesday 3rd December 2013: Introducing Anna from Madrid, Spain. She is a journalist and this is her beauty blog! Her blog is a regular read for me because her photography is stunning and she varies her content a lot, which is refreshing. I also really like the mix of Spanish (just a little bit) and English language on her blog, which you don't find on many other blogs!
You can straight away how passionate Anna is about beauty blogging and I hope you click the link above to check it out! 
Alice Adores Apparel
50. Tuesday 10th December 2013:
I have never written about a blog that I have literally just found today, but this is an exception! The wonderful Alice commented on one of my posts earlier today, so I check out her blog and discovered a gem!
Alice is a 23 year-old aspiring fashion buyer from Cheshire and has been blogging since October. Her blog caught my eye because it's so versatile and her nail art skills are insane! Just look at the snowflake and spider web and penguin she creates in really simple tutorials.
Not forgetting to mention. she adds music clips to her posts just like me! I'm glad that's (slowly) becoming a thing!
I am excited to see her blog grow next year! 
Lady Smart
51. Tuesday 17th December 2013: Introducing Niomi Smart, a Law graduate from Brighton. I stumbled upon her blog when searching the web for fresh new lifestyle blogs to follow and I really like her vibe. Her lifestyle blog is relatively new and focuses on outings, travel, baking and a bit of fashion too!
Niomi has been travelling a lot, so her blog is bursting with awesome holiday snaps and foodie pics (my personal favourite!)
It will be great to see what she blogs about in the New Year as she's off to a fabulous start! I'd love to see more personal style and recipes!

Honey Go-Lightly
52. Tuesday 24th December 2013: Meet Sam, a blogger from London! I met her at one of my very first blogger events last year and have been hooked on her blog since then.
Her blog is rich with exciting recipes, beauty, fashion and lifestyle post and her images are amazingly clear and big!
Sam really knows her stuff about skincare and affordable makeup, so her beauty posts and hauls are not to be missed.
Have a look at her blog and see for yourself!
53. Tuesday 31st December 2013: Introducing Amy Georgette, a student from Newcastle. She has been blogging since the Summer of 2013 and focuses on personal style as well as a bit of beauty and lifestyle.
I really like her style and her pictures are clear and big. Her personal style is really covetable as well as versatile, which is isn't that common these days if I am honest.
Her personality shines through in her 'Insta-Life' posts, which makes you feels as if you have known her for ages (but not in a stalkery way!).
I am interested to see where Amy takes her blog in 2014!

I can't believe I have come to the end of this series! It has been so much fun showcasing the blogs that I love. I meant every word I wrote here and hope that you found some amazing new blogs to read!


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