Sizzle Like A Diva In High And Low Dress

High and low dresses are in vogue these days as this is one dress that suits every body type and is also available in many styles. Be it prom nights, late night parties, or just casually while hanging out with your friends, with high and low dress you can make a unique style statment. High and low dresses consist of a long back, with shorter front.  With asymmetry in hemline, you can try various things or styles to make this dress unique. But to carry high and low dress one should keep few things in mind.

Different High And Low Dresses

Wear Before You Pay

The high and low dress come in various patterns. So, to make sure that the style of the hemline suits you and your body type try the outfit before you pay your bill.

High And Low Dress

If you are confused over the pattern and color, then start with the basic style as well as some basic color like black. And if you are still in jeopardy over the style, then try on some tops in the similar pattern and team it up with denims or caperies. Once you are comfortable and clear about the style, you can always pick up your favorite dress.

Play With Colors

Pick up multiple colored high and low dress in various patterns. You can team up different colored tank tops on denims. In winters, you can layer up the dress with colorful cardigans and leggings. Try colors like green, red, black and yellow, or soft colors like peach, cream or pink depending upon the event and the time you are pulling up the dress.

Accessorize it Right

Accessorizing is the most essential thing when it comes to teaming up with high and low dress. A single bracelet or ring with a stunning neckpiece or earring is more than enough.

high and low dress neck piece

Whatever you wear make sure you don’t overdo it. Wearing too much with the dress might spoil the whole look.  Apply the makeup according to the event but try to use minimum makeup as much as possible.

Pick Up Right Shoes And Belts

Find a perfect pair of shoes to compliment the look. You can wear stilettos or wedges or any other shoes. Just make sure it goes with your dress. And to enhance your waistline, you can always wear different styles of belts. If you are wearing a single colored dress than you can break the tone by wearing a cool and bright colored belt along with the shoes.

Pose With Poise

Most importantly, after wearing high and low dress make sure that you walk with poise, as other than your neckline this dress puts all the focus on your legs.

high and low dress

Confidence is the key factor to rock in this dress. If you are uncomfortable or you lack confidence, then it will be clearly visible. So, keep your chin up and walk with oodles of confidence to be in the spotlight. So, girls now you know how to rock in high and low dress. By keeping these tips in mind while wearing your dress you can stand out in the crowd. So, what are you waiting for, go and grab that perfect outfit and be a diva.

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