What are fashion trends?  Take a glance at your clothes they can give you the answer. On your cloths there must be something related to the fashion and you have your answer. Fashion trends is the way how you express yourself or present yourself to others that they gain nice thought about you. It’s not only the fashion but the way you can develop yourself and your confidence. Fashion trends mean the style of your clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, and households in way of living and also in behavior. It is an activity it does not mean always expensive but stylish. Fashion trends not only the craze of women but now in men, youth, children, kids and even new born babies. On other hand we can say that fashion trends is the value and manners of our country not only now but in the past and forever. Year after year time changed the history of fashion. Now the fashion is an invincible .it’s also taking place in traditions, customs and spread every single corner in the world. We can recognize the country with its fashion trends.

Fashion trends change very harshly because people get bore very soon and always want something new but old fashion do not turn off, after long time it returns because trends and style never change .Old fashion reconnect with new once and it appears in wonderful style. Fashion is not only exclusively for women. Men’s fashion is also in focus now days but unfortunately men’s fashion is not so wide. Most common accessories are casual shirts, jeans, belts, t shirts, shoes and bracelets. Men’s fashion is do not change as fast as compare to women fashion. Suits with different colors is forever dress in men’s life its styles and color changes with time in fashion trends. When you look around fashion trends we found that the craze of fashion in women is more than a man. Every women wants to look gorgeous and stylish. One of the most famous personalities said: “Gods most beautiful creation in women” and I think that women’s fashion makes women more beautiful.

Women fashion always moves in society, specially women clothing is main item in fashion trends, it changes day by day and women focus their attention on changing fashion trends, but not only on changing fashion trends but also on many other accessories including  in women fashion like handbag, purse, jewelry, shoes ,hair pins ext.. However, the scope of women’s fashion now is more than past. Now lets take a look on Kids fashion, kids fashion is most popular now as compare to olden times; now kids are more sensible, brilliant, and confident than past. So that’s why kids fashion takes place in fashion trends. Every parent has dream to dress up their little sweetheart in different types of fashionable clothes. For kids fashion everything is inn, jeans, t shirts, shorts, shoes and even accessories like there school bags, stationary ext.. also. Kids fashion is also related to cartoon characters and Disney movies character. So you should be responsible for your kids shopping, happiness and confidence. It’s all about you to make your child happy in his or her friends circle.

By Erin J. Johnson

Trending and Fashion is what defines Febgirl- Here we bring you premiere styling and clothing trends that should be a part of your wardrobe. From new sneakers to high-end brands we got all here- Because more is never enough.

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