The Top 5 Fashion Blogs

Become an online public figure, create a following, and start a trend.  Upload it, post it, tweet it, and share it. Making people intrigued with your view on life and style. Blogs today are just about as common as red cars, 2 out of 4 people tend to have one. Though… some blogs tend to stand out among the others, the ones with current trends, styling tips, great photos, and a spark of interest. Here I present to you my top five blogs.

 1. Olsen Anonymous

“I’m an Olsen Fashion Addict.” The simple bio speaks for itself. Need a daily dosage of double fun, Olsen Anonymous is the go-to blog for fashion tips and great paparazzi shots of these stylish twins.  With MK and Ashley riding the wave of style, the Olsen sisters are never to disappoint with their great wardrobe selections. From running to Whole Foods or Starbucks, these ladies are always dressed to simply impress.

2. Sea of Shoes

Nothing fishy here, just some godson fashion fun. Created by Jane Aldridge, this Texas native used the web to create an outlet for great fashion forward imagery, finds, and styling tips. With a flair for design and innovative style, coupled with some great photography skills, Jane has created a massive following with her intriguing weekly posts.

 3. Tommy Ton / Jak & Jil

Taking it to the streets. Tommy Ton, a Canadian photographer is best known for his street style coverage. With photographic imagery from around the world, he captures all the current trends of the who’s who in the fashion industry. You can currently see his work on and For his personal blog, you can view it at

 4. Advanced Style

Like a fine wine, only gets better with age, as does your sense of personal style. The more mature you become, the more we grow, experiment, and learn. People say with age comes wisdom, in Ari Seth Cohen’s case, with age comes style! This NYC based street style photographer captures the crème of the crop for fashionable ladies and gents who can teach us young ones a thing or two on how to dress.

 5. The Coveter

Want a glimpse into the closet of the rich and well dressed? See how these public figures keep their causal chic, look no further than The Coveter. With a behind-the-scenes backstage pass to some of the world’s most influential celebrities, models, and designers, this website surely has everything covered. From great imagery to article reads, this website is one to please. Fashions come and go, good thing we have blogs to document it all. From the bad to the best, everything these days seems to be captured up in social media. If you need a daily fix of fashion propaganda, look no further than my top five blog list. Click, view, scroll, and read through these great creative outlets. Maybe it will even inspire you to create one of your very own. Time to log on and get inspired!

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