The Spring season is right round the corner and it’s about time that you update your wardrobe. Start keeping your thick and warm winter coats because the brighter and warmer days are finally here. For this year, a number of classic styles will still rule over the fashion industry and some new additions would be worth trying out as well. Let’s take a look at some of the trendiest fashion style.

Classic Black & White Hues

This Spring season, one can never really go wrong with getting clothes in black & white hues. This is because these color combinations are truly perfect and always the one to dote. Without necessarily having to play it too safe, you can wear dressed in these shades while still expressing yourself as much as you can. Also, it’s important that you also include in your wardrobe several plain colored tops and bottoms because they are always easy to mix and match with other apparels.

Unique Patterns

The Spring months would also be about different types of exciting patterns and high-contrast designs. Gone were the days when you might feel restricted to always go with the norm. This season the more unique your clothing choices are the better because fashion is truly about self-expression after all.

The More Skin, the Better

These days too, some of the best fashion style for includes pieces of clothing that show off as much skin as possible. For instance, stick to wearing short shorts and loose hanging blouses instead of wearing your old boring jeans. Start wearing dresses as well as tank tops that and bra tops that are perfect as an inside blouse for your cute wardrobe.

Leather is In!

When it comes to casual and formal attire, the spring season is opening its doors for accepting different types of leather inspired clothing. The more leather there is the better and sometimes, combining leather materials to other types of cloths is also a great deal. So take out your leather jackets and your leather jeans and start wearing them now too.

Nude and Neutral

This season also marks the end of very vibrant and lively colors as it welcomes more nude and neutral hues. If you still do not have enough stocks for clothing in these shades, it’s about time that you get nicely colored tops, dresses, jackets, jeans, shorts and everything else you can think of in this earth tone colors.

Go Floral

The fashion style for is also about going floral. You can enjoy a number of different clothing brands who are now selling their own take for this kind of couture. Make sure to go floral every once in a while to easily be attuned with these season’s fashion trends. Now that you have been made even more familiar when it comes to fashion styles and trends for this year, make sure to get as much as you can to keep up with the fashion world. Try mixing and matching what you have in your closet too because that usually works too.

By Erin J. Johnson

Trending and Fashion is what defines Febgirl- Here we bring you premiere styling and clothing trends that should be a part of your wardrobe. From new sneakers to high-end brands we got all here- Because more is never enough.

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